Saturday, October 29, 2011

What do Yall Think?

Heard a little about this yesterday on a couple of Austin news channels.  lololol.   I LOVE IT!!!  Crockett Keller needs to be in this movement going on now.  hahahahaha.  Mason is just a bit West of here, like,,34 miles.  Gosh, we'll probably have all kinds of movements moving in here now.  OMG,,,sooo freaking funny.  I wanna meet the man, shake his hand.  If i could get under that 10 gallon hat he wears, just might give him a peck on the cheek.  He has definitely opened a can of worms.  

 Wish i could remember the story, happened like back in the 70s, when the sheriff over there supposedly died of suicide, and was buried.  For some reason, later, he was dug up and found to have  3 gunshots in the back!!!  This is a true story.  My mom-n-law lived there at the time.  If i can find out some time, i'll put it on.  Talk about red necks,,,,, lmaoooo.  Or,,still living with western justice.

Went over to my bro's house yesterday, and right there on their table, was this brand new blood pressure monitoring thing, still in the box.  I picked it up, saying something like, when did u get this, and he said they had picked it up at Walmart earlier.  I said,,, JUST TAKE THAT THANG BACK, THAT'S WHAT I'M GIVING YOU FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!  hahahahaha,,,He'll like mine better, it's the kind that goes on ur wrist.  He laughed and said, ok,,,then!   So, this order came in today, and i'm just gonna take it on over to him, since i had to tell him. lololol.  He might want to check his BP before Christmas.  He's never had high, but he was real dizzy one morning, and thot that might be it.  I get that way, and nothing i've checked, is wrong.  Like blood sugar, BP, blood oxygen, nothing.  Don't have any idea what could cause that.  He's the same way.

My son came by last nite, and i found out he had been bitten by one of his cats, BAD, on his forearm, to the bone, and the hand,  and had had a bad time with it.  It was one they have had for 11 years, and she was outside, watching a stray cat.  He said her name, and reached to pick her up, and she turned and wrapped around his arm.  He had to pry her mouth open.  He knew how bad it was, but made it til the next morning to see the doc, who wanted to put him in the hospital.  With no insurance, they worked it out, for him to go by twice a day and get the antibiotics thru a stint. and twice a day he soaks in Epsom salts.  Yesterday was the first day it had actually shown improvement.  OO MERCY.   He was thankful that it wasn't on a weekend, like normal for him.  He's taking some high powered stuff, said he didn't know it was made that strong.  This is the one that should have had "accident' for his middle name.  This is the one that fell from the 40 foot building, after he climbed the corner, and when he started down, one of the rocks broke.  I could go on and on.  I think that fall jammed his spine and caused all his back problems for then on,,,he was about 19 at the time.  It did break both ankles, one bad.

Ok,,off that.  Way too much to ever get down.    He's kept count of his stitches, and it's over a 1000.  lolol,,,i don't want to know.  When he was a kid, i started just doing butterflies, so he missed a lot.

Gosh, it's nearly 3 pm,,,gotta make a move.