Monday, July 18, 2011

What to do For Breakfast

Guess i'm gonna have to quit trying to eat a scrambled egg for breakfast.  It sits there after the 2nd bite, like a lump that won't go down.  S told me the whites will do that.  So it takes me a LONG time to get just 1 down.  I'll just go back to the bars.  Trouble is, i haven't been able to find the ones i like, why i was eating the egg.  Maybe when i go back to Walmart, they won't be out, HA HA.  That store in Marble Falls has never been able to keep stocked up, even with common things.  Thot after the remodel last year, it would finally be good, but NOOOO.

My son was complaining about them not having the hubcaps he's been buying for years, in sets of 4, for under 20.00.  He put them on used cars when they were short.  And the new ones now, you have to put that and wheel on at the same time!!!,,,So the Kia he's got now, and needing 1, he was gonna replace with those.  Said that's why he sees so many lacking the one, people won't go to the trouble to put it all back on.  I told him i would look online and i did find them, but it wouldn't let you order online.  hmmmmm,,, don't know what to think about that.  I finally just looked at the ones around Austin, and they have em, but i think they're gonna quit carrying them too, in the future.  I've read that a lot of the new ones now, are made without a spare.  You get a can of fix-a-flat, or something similiar.  More space that way.  And it's not just foreign ones, it's a lot of GM ones too.

Called about my prescription that they didn't have on Sat. and their truck just got in, will bring it mid-afternoon.  They said.  huh  Hope all these mistakes don't continue after they get moved and settled in.  So, that left me able to get out and mail back some stuff i didn't like, and go to the library and get 4 more of the books in this series i'm reading.  There's just 2 more, darn it.  Love to read series, don't have to hunt for a book to read that way.

See some showers kinda, heading this way,,,,take a stretch to get here.  Maybe tomorrow.  Told a lady at the library just a few more weeks til Sept.  And i knew it was still hot, but there's hope. lol.  Possible for a blue norther to come in.  lololol,,,this man in there said he hadn't heard that expression for years!  He wasn't who i thot he was at first, but was one i knew from way back.  He had all the kids some time or another,for swimming lessons and was a life guard for years.

Wellllll, after that egg gets settled, don't know what i'm having.  Maybe oatmeal.  Finished off all the beans and cornbread yesterday, yummmmm.  I can always go to Cooper's and get some beans, but if i go there, gonna want some ribs.  Rib, rather.  Would just take one.  I should cook a pot of beans, and put most in freezer.  I DO know how to do it too.  But best way now would be to use my crock pot.  Did you know there are some brands that are NOT good, won't EVER cook good, no matter what?  I've gotten some of those. 

Spell checker won't work.  hahahahah Maybe i didn't misspell anything. yall HAGD