Friday, October 19, 2012

11 Days ,,,,,

Yep, 11 more days.  didn't realize i've missed 3 days, but,,,gonna happen right now.

WOW,,,was 39* when i got up today!!!  Lowest it's been since ,,,uh,,not sure. lol.

Got more done today of the pre op stuff.  Doc's office called and told us how much to send for the insurance company pre-pay.  So we chased around and got all that taken care of.  The pre-op package of instructions also came today.  Nothing new for him,,said he'd been there, done that.

I booked myself a room for the nite before,,,and today he did too.  In the same place, and they said they would put them close together.  The motel is 4.9 miles from the hospital, easy route.  Might be the same one i stayed in way back when he had the neck surgery, and was iced in for days.  Ice storm in San Antonio,,,lmao.  I was there, it happened!!   Could this time too,,,who knows what,,2 weeks from now.  Well, 11 days... lol.

Gotta tell all yall how much better it is to read comments with answers.  Never figured out why anybody asks John Wells questions,,cause i've never seen him answer,,,  So all yall that do answer, again let me say,,,,THANK YOU!!!

Nothing new, same ol same ol, except BBs here to catch a fish,,,lol.  Back in TX i mean.  Saw where a 600 lb marlin got landed in a boat today,,or jumped in,,,or something,,  it was flapping all over the place, knocking men down,,,i think the camera man ran.  Got some good stuff first, tho.

Well, yall tc, and