Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank God, It's NORMAL

Lots to do today,  FINALLY back to normal, right?  AND, it IS Tuesday, take out trash day.  Nearly did it yesterday.  LOLOLOL,, my older bro came by ,,and he said he did do it!  That's the one that lives 1/2 block away.  Besides a lot of stops, i have to get a new sticker on my car, and get more books from the Library.  I'm still on Lee Child, the Jack Reacher series.  Hard to put down.  I can't even watch tv without a book to read, during the commercials,lol. 

That reminds me,, a new change is ,, those commercials have to be the same volume as regular stuff.  HA,,,they did this a long time ago, and they never changed them.  They still kept blaring out, so i don't expect this new law?,,change? whatever, will work either.

Nothing bad happened around here over the weekend.  That's Great!  The jail might have had an overfill, but,,it was New Year's Eve,,,lolol.

I'm wondering,,( lol,DD), if i can put my blogs on a disc, or a flash memory.  I know i can get them made into a book, have that link thru blogger, but there's so many, i'd like them all on a disc.  Gonna check that out.

Well, i've sat here and let the time slip away, now it's noon, and will be lunch time for the places i need to go.  So, i'm here another hour.

I'm renewing my paper, even tho it's changed and i'm not sure i like it any more.  Tried doing without it for a couple of months, a few years ago, reading it online.  Well, that didn't last.  There wasn't any ads!!
I had never realized how much i used them.  It's changed owners, and now the first section has changed to something i  don't like.  I've gotten this as a daily since way back, in the 70s.  So you can see how much of a change it would be, not to get it.  I even got up  earlier back then, to read it with my coffee, before everybody else was up.  Besides, i like knowing what's happening in the world.  I can take my time now, and do. 

Reading rvsue, makes me wonder why she's camping in a family place, then complaining about the kids having fun.  Pack up and leave!  LOLOL,,,don't even have to pack up,,,start it up and leave.  We had motorcycles, 3 wheelers, mini bikes,, from the time our kids were little, theirs were kid size.  It was,,alll in the family,,,lolol.  We ALL had fun on them.  Looked out the window one time, and OMG,,saw my g/dotter, about 4 years old, going across the yard on my son's 3 wheeler!!! all by her self, him standing out there and watching her.  That 3 wheeler was big, but he had taught her well, she had no problem doing it.  He had her driving at 10, sitting on his lap.  When my second hubby and i hosted the biker meets out at his ranch, someone painted my name on the front of mine.  Years later, when i sold it,,lol,,that name was there.  All of these things are like guns, you teach them safety.  So, just don't stay there, if it's not your thing.  But don't complain, if you do.

 I still had my motorcycle license up until a few years ago.   I was the first female in the whole area that had one, and the first to need the license.  That man was so shocked,,his mouth dropped open,, then saying he didn't know what to do.  hahahaha,,I asked him why it was different than a male.  This was in the 60s, very few males had em, let along a female.  Besides, i was small, petite, weighed about a 100 lbs.  Like i say in my profile, i was one of a kind, not afraid to be different.  Somewhere back in these blogs, i know i talked about this.

Well, almost time to get outa here, so,,yall tc, and