Friday, January 20, 2012

OMG,,,Forgot it is Friday,,,lololol

My friend Sue called and invited me for supper yesterday.,,,And OMG,,it was so good, my mouth still waters just thinking about it. Grilled steaks, baked taters, and all the other fixings. I had craved steak for a long time, not knowing if i could eat it or not. Hadn't been able to the last time i had tried. Can't chew it enough to work with the band. But,,,this was fine. I took one of the thin ones,,,think that made it ok. Sue was ok with it too. Her band is tighter than mine. Brought home leftovers, from my plate, for lunch today. yummmm.

Saw a comment on another blog about neuropathy in the feet, and i have that. NOT to the extent i can't wear socks, but my feet hurt mostly at nite when i go to bed. In the last few weeks, i've figured out that if i stick them out from under the covers, in the cold,,they quit. lolol. Neuropathy causes the nerves to make the bottom of your feet burn, and sometimes shooting pains. Well, the cold makes that burning stop. Without having to take a pain pill. Wearing those diabetic shoes on the trip to Austin, all day, had made them hurt so bad, they are still sore. Not going to wear those any more. I tried some others yesterday, and they are fine. I was way too tired tho, to do my walking. BTW i take neurontin for it, have for several years. Is it helping?,,,Who knows, haven't done without it.

I'm doing this in Chrome, with the old blogger format. But,,it's different. I sure don't like the new one. I downloaded this HTTrack, so i could make copies of my blogs,,all of em. but,,omg,,,don't think i'll ever understand how to do it. I wanted to put them on a flash drive or a cd, but,,have to get them into that first. I'll look at it again,,later, to see if i can maybe understand how to use it. If anybody knows how, or does it, let me know. I know i can have em made into a book, thru blogger, but,,,,,would cost a lot to get em all. This way, would be just as good.

Have yall realized Jan. is nearly gone!!!,,,I'm still amazed how fast time goes. LOLOLOL,,,i might make it to 80 yet!!! hahahahaha Just turn around a few times,,,be there,,,,hahahaha....

Do you know, i haven't even gotten into the shower YET!,,,And i did eat those leftovers, and YES,,,,they were soooo goood. Still thinking about that vacuuming,,,,gonna be walking on a carpet of cat hair if i don't use it soon. Jude gets in front of the heater, does all his cleaning,,pulling hair out,,,etc. Saw a puff of it in there earlier. Ok,,enough,,things to do,,,(or think,,,hehehe),,,yall tc,,and