Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where O Where,,,Does My Time Go

Was up fairly early,,just before 8,,and here it is,,just after 11, and i'm just now doing this. 

We haven't had anything but a little rain, wind, and cold.  No ice or snow,,,It was 32 this morning.  Well, the total rain is over 2 1/2" which is wonderful.  Heck, i can remember ice storms in Oct!  You just never know here in TX.  Do ya, BB? lolol  Shoot,,about 10 years ago,,was it really that long?,, i was iced in in San Antonio for 2 days.  Drove home in 2 ruts, when they opened the highway.  Freaked me out. lolol.  Finally got to Johnson City, out of it, and had to stop for gas.  OMG,,had 1/2" of solid ice all over the car, from the front doors on back!!  Kept hitting on it, and it kept falling off like big chunks of glass, and finally got it off the gas opening door.  Had to watch my feet,,,lolol,,,Not one person inside offered to come out and help...Think they were wishing i would just go on.  Got home and my heater had gone out, so the house was soooo cold.  What a trip.  That was when my son had his last spine surgery, which was great, but what a time of year.  He goes to the same doc now, and gets shots to keep him going a little longer, before the next one.  He's been so busy doing his Christmas thing for the kids, i haven't been able to catch up with him for days.

It's showing the girl on tv, that walked into the plane propeller.  Really sad.  Losing her left hand, and cutting her face and shoulder so bad. 

Well, geez,,,the Biggest Loser is coming to a close, and so is the X Factor.  2 of my fav shows.  There will be new ones in Jan, but what,,,til then?  Have to keep watch on movies, and record them. 

O gosh,,just remembered something i wanted to tell you, from yesterday.  I had just got in the door at Walmart, and was getting a buggy, when i heard someone say my name.  This couple had come in right behind me.  It was a couple i haven't seen in several years, and had been thinking about a lot in the last week!  And there they were!  How's that for unreal?  I knew them well, from back when i worked out at the lake, and he's a fantastic musician that plays around all the time.  He's playing in a German band now,,, I can't go out to the bars any more, can't be around the smoke, and i don't drink any more, but,,ooo mercy,,,i miss the music,,the live music.  One time, back then,  she and i were in the line at the HEB out there, and she had just found out she had, i think it was, bladder cancer, and no insurance, no money.  She said she guessed you just died.  I told her about the UT system in Galveston, for people like her, and to call me later, i would get the number for her, and that's what she did, and where she went and told me later, how wonderful and kind they were.  Then,,,she told everybody i saved her life!!  I still don't know why the doc didn't help her, or tell her himself!!!  She had asked him,,,what am i supposed to do?,,,just die?,,and he didn't tell her!!  I hope they have built that back, and i think they have.  I knew someone here that had gone there for gall bladder surgery and that's how i knew about it.

Saw in the paper where there's gonna be a lot of clean up on the coast, millions approved for it.  Maybe it will get most of that red tide.  At least knock some of it out.

Yall tc,,and


1:30,,don't know what's going on with windows, but can't get to any of my game sites.  It freezes up about half way thru.  Guess i can take a nap.   Got my virus scan running, see what happens.  Hasn't found anything yet.  I rebooted,,done everything i can think of, but,,,,  Don't know how it lets me do THIS.
Ok,,off again.