Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Made It

I still can't believe how much better J is feeling, taking those BP pills.  He called about 2 hours ago, asked if i had eaten,,told him no, had just got up, so he said he'd bring some stuff,,be here in about 30 .  Well,,, i ate and he's still not here!,,,I did call and tell him,,,lol.

Had to have a little heat this morning.  Was 52 outside, so i turned on a couple of burners on my stove.  Just those will heat up this area in a few minutes.

Did i tell you i threw Rescue out a few days ago.  He looked all around, found the opening to go under the house, so all's well.  I just don't do litter boxes any more.  Jude quit a long time ago.  J saw a chicken hawk fly across the street to a little tree by the porch where he was, but he took off for under the house,,,lololol.  Guess he knew what that was too.  He's at home outside now, so i don't keep him in all the time.  And last nite was Jude's turn,,,  Jude is still scared of him,,and Rescue's wanting to play, but Jude doesn't understand.

Fixing to go to the library, and pay my utility bill.  J's out the door taking pics .  I'll show you some of them,,maybe ,,, if they will work.  He has one of those really expensive cameras.

Now, BB,,,if all of this stuff of mine isn't boring, just why do you think yours is?  lololololol  I've said the same thing,,,gonna quit, but,,taking a little time off helps a lot.

So Yall tc,,,and