Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hey, We Are in November!

OO WOW,,,i'm ahead of just about everybody this morning!  lolol.  Got up at 8, cause of this eye apt.  It's at 11, so i still have a little time.  I think i need to eat something before i go, but i'm just not hungry yet.  I think i'll just cook some oatmeal, eat some of that before i go.  The place i go is about 7 blocks from here, so even with my eyes dilated, i can drive home. 

Remember to change ur clocks this week end.  When i got up this morning, i was thinking,,next week it would be 7 am, lol,  way too early for me. 

I didn't hear much on my scanners about going ons last nite.  A quiet nite for Halloween.  I closed my blinds, and sure didn't turn on the porch lite, so i didn't have anybody.  Before dark, my friends little g/dotter came by to show me her suit,,,was precious.  A Dallas cowboy cheerleader, but with her stick horse dressed up too.  And guess what,,, lol,, i didn't have anything.  Mercy!,,, Never even thot about having just a little bit.  I kept little Jude in, til i went to bed.  Noticed his ears perking up sometimes. lol,,,he stayed on my lap.  One year, i took the kids around, in my car, (that was mine and my Mother's,,lol), and we went to this house that was on the main street for kids to be, and the porch lite was on, so here they all jumped out and took off running up the sidewalk, steps, to the door, and about that time, here came a BIG dog, acting ferocious, and they headed back to the car walking backwards, with that dog chasing them, my bro B running around and around a big bush, dropping his candy.   About the time i was fixing to get out, he ran and jumped in the car,, the rest were already in by then.  I was FURIOUS!!!  For someone to have left that dog loose, and then leave their porch lite on, was horrible.  I drove straight home, got my HUGE german sheppard that would kill that dog, and went right back.  No dog!  From that year on, i took her with us, to her huge delite. lololol.  And the kids felt safer too.  Nothing would have hurt the kids with her around! 

Ok,,time to eat, get dressed and get outa here.

Yall tc,,and HAGD