Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mechanical Mama

Like ol buddy Texman, i thot today was ANY day but saturday.  When cartoons came on, instead of news,,,knew where i was. lol,,,not that it matters anyway.    I keep a gadget of calendar and clock on my screen here, all i have to do is look, which i did to verify i had guessed right,,,it really was saturday.  I also keep the little yellow sticky notes too.,,,that way, its staring me in the face on what appointments ,,,etc,,, i have to do.  One is going to Austin tuesday to c a new lap band doctor.  Going with a friend that got it done a few months before i did, and lives about 2 blocks from me.  She set an appointment for same day, same time too, so im going with them.  Cant go there by myself because u have to park in a parking garage about a block away and i cant walk that far without sitting down.  My back just locks up and i HAVE to sit down. Her hubby will let us off at the door and go park. 

Ok now,,,on the subject of mechanics.   Im a darn good one,,,well, on diagnosing.  Both xes made livings from cars, so i did pick up things along the way.  One nite, (on a cold dark nite),,,came upon a car with 2 little ol ladies, dead stopped at a stop sign, car deader than a hammer.  My bf and i got out with MY flashers on, and i told one to open the hood.  When she did, i wiggled the connector on the battery and told her to try it now,,,started right up.  lolol,,,they were very impressed!!!  BF too.  I drove behind them almost all the way to their house, and I  told them to get those tightened up.  They swore they would, and i dont doubt they did.   Didnt tell them i had had that happen quite a few times in my life,,,,hehehe.  First time my car wont start, i replace the battery.  U can charge em up and they will last a while, but,,,,,will always happen again and at the most inconvenient time.  And of course, all u men, i know sometimes its NOT the battery.  hahahahaha,,,its the connectors. lmaoooo.  My bro gave me one of those starter thingys,,so i can jump off that if necessary.  (Guess i might as well ,,fess up,,,first time i needed it, i had let IT run down!)  You do have to plug it in about once a month to keep it charged up.

My mom gave me an extra clicky thingy for my car and i looked up how to reset those things (bro had a book)  and took it,,,book and all, to my son to reset it.  First words were, IVE never had one of those things work!  Well, i didnt say a word while he got in under the dash and followed instructions on how to reprogram.. Sure enough,,,didnt work,,,Thats when i butted in, and told him to try it while its pointing at that box thingy under there.  He growled around, but did, and oooo WOW<,,LOL N BEHOLD<<<<it does work!!!  Sometimes moms do know better,,,Dont ever tell him i said that,,,lmao.

I believe that a car might run forever, as long as u do upkeep.  So,,,ive always kept mine done.  Dont drive much anymore, but get a feeling sometimes to check how long its been since an oil change, usually really close on that.  My son and i did some horse trading, so he owes me 2 of those now.  Hope he remembers, lol.   Maybe i have selective memory.

My back is almost well today.  Even slept good, and i havent taken any more aleve.  Will be more careful next time i have to trim my toenails.

My sis called and said she went out to the lake with our bros,,late yesterday,  and our youngest bro is the only one that caught a lot!!.  how can that be?  Ive had that happen tooo many times, too.  Ur fishing  same spot, same bait, and just one is catching the fish.  And besides that, hes the only one that doesnt really care about eating em. hahahaha  Im glad he did, cause he usually is the only one NOT catching any.

Well, thats all folks,,,gotta get up and do,,,,something.