Sunday, June 12, 2011


Not getting motivated any more to do these. At least on a daily basis. Rather than become boring, i'm gonna just post when i have something to post about. Like a lot of the others i keep up with. DDs and Hermits are never boring, still laughing over the 'dead' possum. And maybe it's just me, not feeling good yet.

Got up way too early today, after hearing on scanner about a fight on a boat and one getting thrown overboard. The wife of the one thrown out, was pounding on a door, telling them she needed help. Didn't find out til later how SHE made it to shore. She jumped out when the boat died. Seems as tho the water was just waist deep there where it happened, and they both had waded out. but not to the same place. He was found ok. By then,,i just got up. Now i need a nap.

Bro, B, came by and cut a big limb off my roof. Had been there for a long time. He sure had a hard time with it getting hung on others. But finally it fell off. About a 5" diameter limb,,broke several months ago then we had that bad wind. Gosh, gonna have to water some of my trees. Gotta have those. There's one little chinaberry tree came up out behind my store room, about 3 years ago. I've never put a drop of water on it, and it's thriving. Explain that!! I can't. Even the hackberrys look a little limp. And they are tough.

N called earlier and said something had gotten into their garden and dug up the potatoes and onions. I asked how anything could have gotten in, but she hadn't looked very good to see. Had to be an armadillo, dug under the fence. The veges weren't eaten, just dug up. she was going back to look a little better. lol C was working on the boat, thinking he might have figured out why it won't start. Have to catch up with them later. Guess she hasn't seen any more gray snakes. (Leave em alone!) lol I told her, "u know which 4 are the poison ones, that the only ones to worry about!" and none are gray.

Nap time, bb when i'm back.