Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fires, Fires, Fires!!!

Central Tx made national news, cause of these wildfires.  Got everybody on the look out for smoke now.  My g/dotter called and asked if i knew where one was out there, at Buchanan Dam, and i had heard it, but didn't remember the street.  She said they had packed a getaway bag, ready to take off if necessary.  Living right here in town, just a few blocks from one fire dept. i think they can make it before my house would burn down, so all i'll do is like i did Sunday, get in the car and go.  I have a metal roof, and so does the one beside me, so that helps.  Even my sis N,,getting concerned out there.  There's just too many now.  AND, my bro G told me that one of our arsonist just got out of prison, soooo,,,,He's the bro of the fire chief too.   And was the son of the one before.   He never has quit setting fires either.  Been in and out of prison forever.  And now he's back. Lord have mercy.  Here, in this county, cedar trees are bulldozed out, but over in those other counties, ppl have built houses out in em, on the side of the hills.  No sense atall.  Fire just can't help it,,,those trees are like gas fumes,,,go up in a whoosh.  I tried it one time when i took our Christmas tree out,,,threw a match on it, and whooosh,,,ball of fire.  NEVER AGAIN.  That was when i got an artificial one. 

Hobojoe been talking about a sun burn. lololol,,, First time i wore a bikini, was laying out on a raft on the river.  Did fine, cept for that little strip right under my bellybutton.  Never saw the lite of day in my whole life.  Looked like a tomato for weeks.  A ripe one. hahahaha,,,  Got sense now.,,,,don't i?  Hush, yall.  After that first one i got, back when i was a freshman in HS,,,on our class trip out to the lake all day, in bathing suits,,on a partly cloudy day, and everyone knows they are the worst.,,,I knew when to call it quits, but,,,that one spot was totally new to it.  When i got that first one, i couldn't wear clothes for days,,,was so burned.  Had to wear that same suit.  ha ha,, Got my freckles from that.  I wasn't the worst one, some got sick, was so bad on them.  And back then, hobo, even i didn't know the remedies.  Only excuse,,i was just a kid. 

I had an aloe vera plant, and at the change of seasons, i lugged it in,,or out, whichever was required.  One time it BLOOMED!!!  Had 2 witnesses.  Never heard of one doing that.  Put out these 2 long spirals with yellow blooms.  Got so heavy, i left it out, and one year it froze.  But,,,we did see it bloom.  I have a bottle of green gel, and those lotions won't work either.  My niece got a burn one time,,,when they were living in Austin, and they took her to the emergency room and they put menthol shaving cream on it.  That works!  Cools and cuts off the air.  Bet he's never heard of putting a penny on a sting either. hahahaha,,,Yeah,,,we women just KNOW THINGS.  Ask any of us.

Uh,,,how do i?,,,ummm,,,

Sel, gonna look up ur blog address, forgot to yesterday, but i'll be a follower of urs too.  My mind lets me forget sometimes,,,hehehe,,,,,,even when i have the best intentions...

yall HAGD