Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hard Work,,,,

This little doodlebug has worked really hard.  I put this mat down a few days ago, and he just found it irresistible,,, lol
 See those huge boulders he threw out?   Glad it's not my size,,,lol

My floor mat in my car kept getting overloaded with this gravel, soo,,,when I saw this mat on sale at Alco, I thot it would cure the problem.    It's heavy and won't blow away also.  AND, I won't mess up the little homes they make,,, love it.

I'm waiting for all this heavy rain we're supposed to get today, tonite, and tomorrow,,,It's dark in the West but not sure if  that's all of it.  I think it's coming down from the NW.  Need to look I guess.  I went to the store and got milk and my ice cream, so i'm sure ready for rain.  That last we got just raised Lake Buchanan a couple of inches. It needs 25 feet,,,not a good thing.  It will take hurricanes dumping water on top of us for a few days, to make a difference.  This hurricane season has been so weird.  DD,, not wishing you any tho.

That ol sciatic nerve has been acting up for a few days, and i'm not sure if it's because I cut down on the Aleve.  It's NOT my hip thank God.  Ok, no more of that.

I called to make an appointment to get my eyes checked, and told em I was a little late,,,,hahahaha,, she said,,like 2 years!  Well, any way, I did it, and,,, no change!  There was this place down the road at Bee Cave, 70% off for my age (cause i'm 71)  so my g/dotter drove me down there, and I couldn't find any I really liked, and the prices were so high it was unreal.  Visionworks.  Even with my 70% off, they still cost just under 200.00.  I didn't know they charged for each lens,,,,and they were just over 200.00 each,  plus those hi-priced frames.   Well, after all that, I found out they couldn't make them in an hour!!! 

These are the ONLY ones I liked, out of all they had, and wasn't sure about the way the lens are held in place, but after I finally got them by UPS, (took 8 days) i'm kinda getting used to it.  They do need just a little adjustment, mainly to hold them a little higher up, but I wanted the rimless, so I have to put up with the attaching ways.  (Don't care for that leopard print at all, but it's just a little, and if I had hair over my ears, you couldn't see that.
Anything else I need to catch up on?,,,,,Not that I can think of.  My son's Medicare started on 9-1, and we had done another Medicaid app, and he was turned down because his check was 42.00 more than allowed.  So,, had to start looking for what to do for that 20%, and with him under 65, all he could get was Medicare Advantage,,,Whew.  Not to get into that, found out there's not a whole lot of choice, but one, Humana, was 59.00 a month, the other free so got THAT done in time for it to start 10-1.  Not sure if any of them will be much good, but definitely the free one is better than nothing. 
Was nearly some excitement here, heard a vehicle versus building at the Dollar General, but turned out it was in Kingsland, not here.  Maybe 2 injured, then nothing else.  There's a man that posts all that stuff on Facebook, so guess i'll look.
Yall tc, and


  1. Well somehow, it got published with the wrong things first, so, maybe yall can figure it out.

  2. Howdy TnT,
    Well we got about 5.5 anches up here in Coleman county, but I hope it ALL soaked in and do feel sorta sorry for you folks downriver... If you went to Bee Cave and crossed the 'rocks' where Lake Travis USED TO BE, you'll see what I mean... As for Lake Buck I 'flew' over it the other day on Google Earth and it sure enuff needs some wet-stuff in it...
    Used to be you could walk out on the dam, look down and see CATFISH bigger than yourself, laying on the dam-apron.... Always wanted to go down there and rassle one of those 'hogs'...
    I went to the VA @ Temple last year to have my eyes 'checked', they did and sent me to the glasses place, in the horsespistol, where this cute little gal showed me some of those $200 glass frames, but I asked her where were the FREE ONES that the VA was supposed to give me, she 'snotted-up' right quick-like, pointed to about 8-10 on the wall, ALL PLASTIC, and said that was them... I wanted some those that sit on your nose you can look over, and got the ONLY pair there... I said something about being 'blinded' by car lights at night, so, she suggested a yellow tint, NO COST EXTRA... I okayed that... On the return trip(178mi) a big truck came over a hill with BRIGHT LIGHTS ON, blinded ME SO BAD I HAD TO PULL OFF THE HIWAY... Sure wished I'd had those NEW glasses on... I had such a head/eyeache Joyce had to drive on home... When those NEW glasses arrived, MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE, I could STARE right at trucks with bright-lights on and the lights just turned into 'stars', NO GLARE OR BLINDING... Now, I use them for 'daylight' driving glasses, instead of dark-shades...
    Hope your new expensive glasses are okay and help you to have HAPPY DAYS....

  3. They blocked the dam off years ago, can't walk out on it any more. I remember those fish too. The weathermen on the Austin stations show the pics of the lakes,,,horrible.
    And I've used the yellow shades for a couple of years, (wear over my glasses). No glare from sun either. My glasses, total cost, was 184.00 using that discount.
    Hey great to hear from ya,,,come back soon ya hear...

  4. I went to the eye doc, too. He told me the blurred vision in my left eye was from cells growing back under the lense they implanted after my catact surgery. Now I need to get someone with a laser to zap them.

    1. Used to take a 90 yo lady to a specialist in Temple and he zapped her eyes with a laser every 6 months,,,kept her reading with macular degeneration. Was nothing to it.

  5. I also want to say I like your choice of glasses and I just love those doodle bugs. Got a lot of them on my place. Like you said, wouldn't want them to get very big. That would be one scarry sci-fi movie. . .

    1. And thx,,,about the glasses.
      I love those doodle bugs too, and when I got home a while ago after it had rained, he's got some work to do after his It blew under my car port. Had a little over 1/2" in gauge.

    2. I also have a hair cut like Mylie Cyrus,,,lololo,,,, I had mine first and I love it.

  6. I too like your eyeglass frames.

    Glad you got rain we barely got a sprinkle but I am not is better than nothing. It could be worst we could be drowning in flood waters like they are doing in Mexico.

    1. Thx, i'm still getting used to them, and they need a little bit of adjustment.