Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Doggies,,,

I had something happen the other day, that i kept forgetting to write about.  I was driving down a street, and saw this little, like, 12 month old, barely able to walk, holding on to the back of a small stroller with his mother right behind him, going up a sidewalk to a house.  I had instant tears!  WHY??  Sad tears!  That has never happened before.  It was just for an instant, but wow.  It didn't remind me of anything that i know of, and was really cute, so,,why that reaction?  Really weird, huh?

TY so much, DD.  We found a Maltese wayyyy back before anybody even knew what they were.  It was so tiny, came running into my Mom's yard, and B and my dotter, about 12 at the time,,thot it was a baby polar bear,,,hahahahaha.  All that white hair and black eyes peeking out.  She was about 4" long, and somehow we ended up with her, and i named her Moppet.  Our ol tom cat took her over after hearing her cry shut up in the bathroom, so she grew up thinking she was a cat.  We watched for ads and signs,,hunting her, but there was never anything.  Back then, no telling what someone had paid for her.  We thot she was a cross of something, like a poodle, and schnauzer.  But,,NOT.  Later, watching a Disney movie,,,there she was,,and even named MOPPET!  A few years later, my boss bought one for his wife, and paid $500. for it.  Anyway, with that hair, she would get all knotted up in the summer, so,,,one year, she got a hair cut.  hahahaha,,She thot she was the prettiest thing ever.  She held her head high, pranced around... lollololol.  She lived to a ripe old age of about 18.  We didn't keep her, but gave her to my best friend at the time, that lived across the street, so she had 2

How's that for talking about pets?,,,hehehehehe

My son and gf took her mom and partner, and me,,out for supper.  OOOO,,,sooo goood.  I brought half of mine home,  even after eating all i could hold.  It wasn't that much, just how i can eat.  I got the skewered shrimp with baked pot, grilled veges.  Strange, but they don't serve bread.  Like that sea food house that just closed down, and for them that included hush puppies.  This is kinda a new place, and had a great selection, but o my, the prices told me i won't be there,,,lol.

Think i'll get and have some of those yall tc, and