Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Been a While

Just about lost interest in blogging, even reading most of them. I have so many appointments to keep up with, hurt so much of the time, then add in trying to remember things,,, lol...Memory not any worse, its just so much.

I was put on a stronger pain med, (which i really hate) but it seems to do me some good. I don't hurt as much, but i wish i could just say,,,, do the implant....There's a trial period i would have to do first.

 I was put on Eliquis for my heart beat or something,, and i would have to quit taking it for about 2 weeks to have the implant that would hook wires to my spine. Forget what it's called,, (lololol). Then it would be a danger of forming a blood clot if i fell or something. I might get to the point to say,,, DO IT ANYWAY.

A friend came up with parkinson's a couple of years ago, and she's just in her 50s...She just had that brain implant done and it worked! SOOOO GOOOD! She's still getting it fine tuned, but the shaking is stopping! I really admire her for doing it. But she says,,, what choice did i have?,,

I had to have my eyes tested yesterday, and i don't have Macular Degeneration. It's kinda like it, but age related. I'm to go back next week and see a specialist, but she said he would probably just want to keep a watch. No change for new lens.

See? All i can talk about is my problems with health!

Lunch time,, be back,, some day. lol. Yall tc, and