Saturday, March 2, 2013

A New Day

And still nothing to blog about.  I did take J for a check up yesterday, and he was told to walk walk walk,,,Nothing else has helped.  Physical therapy and that machine seemed to do more damage than anything so he's walking.  Was told that was what it would take to get those nerves working around the scar tissure there in his lower back.  His next apt is in 6 weeks and we think he will be xrayed to see how it looks.   That will be 5 1/2 months.

I got up from a chair yesterday, here at home, and couldn't stand on my left leg!  Had a pinched nerve all the way down, and had to hold on to things to limp along.  I accused J of catching it from him,,lololol.  I took an aleve and after I had sat and watched tv for about 2 hours, it finally let up.  Wow.  It's there, and i'm being careful.  I think the squats I had been doing had to have caused this.  I'll give it a few days,  and hopefully, I can do those again.

That horse that was here a week or so ago, is still up at the end of the block in the neighbors pen.  J talked to the animal control man and he told him it had jerked loose from a trailer that weekend out at the rodeo arena, but we don't know where the people were from.  Assuming a long way, cause of it still being here,,,OR,,,maybe they thot it was a good way to get rid of it..lololol.  It's a beautiful paint.  Young looking, full of piss and vinegar.

While in F'burg, I made a quick stop at Walmart cause I  needed a new blind on one of my front windows.  I measured the blind, got one, and,,,,,it was an inch too short!!!!  I remeasured when I got home, and it still said 30" on the old one, and,,,the box said that, but the blind was 29".  Know what that means?  Means I fixed the old one.  And will take it back some day.

We brought back Church's Chicken, and I ate both pieces I was so hungry by then.  In my dinner.  He had one too.  The trip was on me,,my birthday gift for him,,coming up. 

Ok,,I know this is boring so yall tc, and