Sunday, November 6, 2016

O Mercy,, It's Been a Long Time

SS, Lots going on. Mainly appointments with docs. Trying to get approval for hip replacement, just got a stress test done, but,,,, he wants me to do an electrocardiogram now. "He" is a pa, not the main one. There was something he wanted to check further. Ok with me as long as i can do the hip..

Now, this stress test was NOT like the one i had before that i'd never do again. I got to sit on a high stool thing, with a padded arm in front of me that i folded my arms on it and put my head on them for about 15 minutes... hey i did it! Twice,,, lol. The only part i really hated was when they put something into my veins and made me feel like i was running on a tread mill, had to really breathe hard. It increased for 2 minutes, then went slowly off for a minute, 3 total. Now, that was hard. My blood pressure went wayyyyyy up once, like, 218/118. They really stressed me out lol.

Just seeing that we are under a weather alert... been pouring for a bit. Heard a deputy say a couple of streets had about 4" of water on them.

Made myself some oatmeal for lunch, needed something warm. I had finally turned on a little heat in here,..... We still haven't had a frost!

My g/daughter brought Little Man over yesterday and i just sat and watched him for hours...He was 1 on 9/11, and will keep you entertained forever. One time he was just running back and forth, and when he went by me he squinched his eyes shut and never slowed down! He doesn't know he needs to watch what he's doing, hahahaha., talk about learn the hard way. Then when she put him in the hi-chair and put spaghetti  on it, he would pick one up and sling it out,,,he had fun with that for a bit before he started eating it...His hair is so red it glows,,, lol.

I'll try not to wait so long in the future,,,didn't know i could even write this much today,,,yall tc, and



  1. I wouldn't want to take a drug induced stress test. If I really have to take one, I would insist on the one using a tread mill. If a problem arises, you can always get off the tread mill but the drugs take longer to stop their affect.

  2. lol DD, if i had a choice it would be NONE. But this was the only one i would do.

  3. Well, Honey, I just had another hole blown in my rowboat. My rotator cuff (tendon) not only tore, but shredded. Which is going to make surgery and healing much more difficult. I knew I was in a lot of pain, but I was wanting to hang in there until I got my jaw surgery in December. Now, it seems I need to cancel the jaw surgery due to an ASAP shoulder operation.

    Are we related????

    1. can we schedule these together? hold hands? moan in pain? hahaha,,, getting hip replacement in the future too.