Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just a Little Update

Just checking in,,,gosh can't believe it's been about a month,,,nice vacation.

I'm so glad tv is getting something on again.  IE, the new shows, etc.  Overlapping ones now.  Like tonite, X-Factor, and the finale of AGT.  Just gonna watch the second half of that, after all, they won't announce the winner til the very end.

I had my eyes checked,,,told them I knew I was late,,,lolol.  They said,, try 2 years...Then I find out they haven't changed.  Got an update prescription anyway, because a place in Bee Caves, (closest to me) would give me 70% off a whole pair.  I've hated the ones i'm wearing since the day I got them.  G/dotter drove me there, about 60 miles down 71, and found out they had to send it off, would take a week!! Not an hour!  Told em just to mail them to me.  I'm NEVER having them dilated again,,,ever.  It took all day from 10AM,,,to come back close to normal.  And I don't think they've done it yet!  That was the day before, tho.

That's joining that stress test,,,the "not gonna do's" anymore.

My hip is fine, still, and that sciatic nerve is good.  My doc told me to double my gabapentin, for my neuropathy, and it's worked.  I quit the therapy after I asked if it would help get over all that and she told me no, but it would help prevent it in the future.  That wasn't enough for the pain it caused by just irritating the hip and nerve.  Now I found this little remedy I had cut out of the paper, saying eat 9 golden raisans , soaked in gin, every day for arthritis,,,,lol.  Won't hurt to try,,,huh?

Keep forgetting to get my flu shot,,,,think i'll just do it right now, and get a bottle of gin too. 

I'm still keeping up with the blogs, and sometimes I miss a day or so.  Don't blame you for wanting time off, BB, and i'm still not going to do a daily for now, but will check in every once in a while. 
It's a shame TX didn't get that run off from CO and NM,,,we need it so bad.  Only the Rio Grande.

Yall tc, and



  1. The Pecos is getting a lot of the runoff also. It will help the crops in west Texas.

  2. Probably the gin is all you need to relieve the pain (grin). I just made an appointment with the eye doc, too. It has been a long time since I got checked. I am having a little trouble with my left eye and want to make sure all is OK. Glad you are back posting. Don't stay away so long!!

    1. I will TRY to limit myself on the gin,,,lolol.

  3. I'm think'n bout 3 raisins in a stiff "Texas" shot....three times in a hour. That aughter fix anything.

    I too am glad to see your post. A month rest is way too long.
    Also gad to hear the old hip is do'n better. Maybe I shoud go out an' buy me some raisins an' gin too.

  4. I need to get some glasses as well, as mine are like eight years overdue but it is expensive in Del Rio and I do not see me going to Houston anytime soon.

    My prescription takes several weeks to be filled not just hours so I might break down and get them locally. I lost my right lense in San Angelo so unless I wear my contacts I am stuck with wearing glasses with the right lense missing jajajajaja.

    Glad to see you doing an update.

  5. check out an online glasses service I used a few months ago. They even have a deal where you can upload a face pic of yourself and "try on" any glasses in their inventory, and they have hundreds.

    Different lens types, bi & tri focals, tinted, everything. and very CHEAP.

    You just need a current scrip and type in the numbers from your scrip onto their online form.

    I paid under $50 for a pair of glasses with invisible bifocals, scratch resistant and got another pair of sunglasses for $40.

    Very highly rated with thousands of good reviews from customers.

    I'll never go to a walk-in brick and mortar eyeglasses place again. The one next to my eye doc had a "special" ...2 glasses with frames and what I wanted woulda been over $400. What a RIP-OFF.

    I'm not connected with Zenni, just had a good experience using them.

    But it did take 2 weeks or so to show up in the mailbox.


    1. Thanks for the link Bigfoot sounds just like what I need.