Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stormyyy Weatherrr,,,

All nite long,,and i was up til after 3AM.  Don't know what i'm going to do about going to sleep at a reasonable time, but this has to change!  I was up reading, about 1 when my son called, thot he was hearing a tornado, but i looked on several radars and there wasn't one.  Don't know what the roaring was, that he was hearing.  Just the high winds up high i guess.  I didn't hear it here, and he was about 2 miles away.  The winds off those storms was icy.  Lots of hail in them, even tho we didn't get any here.  Showing we got a little over 2", and a few miles East, it was double that.  My power never even went off.  Lots of close lightening, roaring, continuous.  I found one of the local weather stations that showed the storm chaser videos,,sooo cool.  And there were lots of em around here,,,lololol,,,like, 7 or so, at the edge of these things.

 Just heard of one person, not the storm chasers, getting half way washed off a low water crossing and that was this morning.  He got out ok.  The deputies were out most of the nite checking those out, getting barriers put out.  Heard that a trailer house was engulfed, out a few miles, but don't think anyone lived there, then later, a house in Kingsland.

One nite a few years ago, i woke up with this huge cold wet spot on my pillow and bed.  Now, what would you think?  I thot,,OMG, i'm hemorrhaging.  Got the lite on, and it was this huge water leak right over my head, looking like the ceiling was about to fall, so bulged out.  It was a smaller spot down at my feet, too.  Well, hells bells, now i  have to get up, do something with this soaking bed in the middle of the nite.  I don't have an extra bed, and i sure didn't want to try the couch, soooooo,,,i push, shove, and finally get the bed out from under those spots, and get way on the other side and go back to sleep.  Took all the next day to get that dried out, even stripping off all the bedding.  The ceiling shrunk back and didn't fall thru, and ASAP, there was a new roof put on!  My bro B does that kind of thing, and wasn't booked up.  When he got up there and looked he did say that it was probably just some loose nails, and might,,, be ok.  NOOO WAY!,,,lololol.  I had already collected the money for a new roof, after a hail storm, about a year earlier, so,,,that's what i got.  It did go thru my mind, tho, during the nite last nite.

I called Jude for hours, starting before the storms.  Then every once in a while, i would try again.  Thot, well, he was in a dry place and wouldn't come out.  HA,,he sure was.  Hiding under my bed! lolololol.  When i went to bed about 10:30, here he came out.  Then, all nite, when i was up and down, he stuck to me like glue.  Never saw him do this.  Maybe he forgot how storms sound, cause he sure was worried.  When i got up about 8;30 he wanted out, but, the sun was out by then.

Ok,,like DD, enough about nothing,,yall tc, and