Monday, January 9, 2012

Love This Rain!

Doing pretty good on standing up.  I think i'm doing it about once an hour.  Even at nite, watching tv.

It's been raining since 11:30 pm,,last nite.  That was just a 1 or 2 minute shower, then later, the same.  But when i got up this morning, was a steady rain, have had some thunder too.  No hail, as far as i know.  Wish i had a good rain gauge.  Will try to find out the amount.

Last week, on Monday nite, it was some new shows on tv, soooo,,,,what happened???,,,Reruns tonite.  Good thing i have lots of movies recorded.   Just don't do reruns.

Ol Jules will give you a laugh today, just in case you need one.

Wow ,,,showing around Houston getting flash floods,,big rains!!!  Bet DDs swamp gets full now,,,wooooohooooo.  O gosh, horrible thot, is he far enough away?  He might have to make a dash outa there in that new rig he's got..  DD!!! Let us know.  Plzzzzzzzzzz.

My youngest bro, B, had a birthday yesterday,,,Yep, on Elvis'.  He's the only wayward one Mom and Dad had.  Way off in Jan.  Rest of us,,5,,,Have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other.  Makes you wonder, huh,,,what was so special about that time 9 months back?,.... Then,,,that one other time,,,,lmaoooo.  Oct-16, 30, then Nov-6,7, 10.

There's 2 things i need to do today.  See if i can fix that bubble on my scales, should be one, not two.  Bro told me his levels did that, and he just tapped on them, made them go back to one.  I told him that i had sprayed that canned air on it to clean all the stuff out, and that was what made it do it.  He said he had never heard of such a thing,,canned air.  Neither had my other bro.  Told them i got mine at Walmart.  Then, i accidently found some new numbers to use in my police scanner.  Gonna check them out. 

Looks like the rain is about over.  GRRRRR, showing us having 1/2 - 1". 

OMG,,,,, lolololol,,, 2 gay women competed in the Miss USA pageant.....

Zipping my lip on that.  Yall tc, and