Thursday, November 3, 2011

And, the Way It Is

GOOD MORNING!!!...Sorta.   Got a brisk breeze, enough for a little heat in the house, feels GOOD.  Sorry about my blog yesterday, had it all ready, and hit something on the bottom of my keyboard, and bam,,,all gone.  When that happens, i have been re-doing it, but yesterday,,nope, just didn't feel good, and let it go.  Guess i'm gonna take up DDs suggestion and do it in works.  BUT,, it might happen there too, and give me the same results.  So,,,just wait and see.

Tomorrow is THE big day,,,If you don't need to get out, then you don't!  It's THE day before deer season opens.  And this town is the deer capital of TX,,,used to say "of the world". lol.  But anyway, it's a total mad house in town, hunters everywhere, and THEY have the right of way, no matter where, what, when, so you are taking your life in your hands if you get out there.  LOLOLOOL  I will, just for yall, and take pics to prove what i'm saying.  I used to tell my home health ladies, i had to be home right after lunch, not driving on the highway later.  You DO NOT try to go to the store, there's no parking spaces.   And of course, they've jacked the prices up.  Tomorrow nite is the deer hunter's ball, started way back when we had the ol Rambling Rose here.  It's still in the same building but now it's the home of turkey sausage, Inman's Kitchen.

BB, wish i had thot to get some of that for you, when you were at Inks.  Have you ever tried it?  You just wrap a slice of bread around it, eat with onion.   yummmm.

Gosh, still haven't done the darn dishes!  I do them once a day, and there they are.  lololol,,,now i'm hungry for that turkey sausage!!!  hahahaha. 

My bro G is leaving today, to go to his place up by Menard,,,can you imagine, leaving here, to go there, to hunt?  hahahaha,,,But he will be taking some of that turkey sausage.  It's not HUNTING any more anyway.  It's killing the ones you've lured there by feeding them a long time.  How can people do that?  Feed them for months, sit in a stand and wait for them to come eat??? NO WAY.  They have learned to go to the feeders when they hear them go off.  To me, it's murder.  Not sporting.

We don't have quite as many hunters now, with the economy like it is, and it costs a LOT.  That one little ol white tail deer will cost you an arm and a leg.  Most of them aren't here to hunt anyway, they're here to party. 

Ok, doing dishes time, lunch time,,yall