Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meeting With City

Our meeting went lots better than the last one.  The mayor was actually trying , or seemed to be, to be of help.  I think he found out what they had done was illegal, and is now trying to make amends.  He actually asked what WE wanted to do.  And,,we told him.  OPEN THAT STREET BACK UP.  We were willing to use restricted access, like, closing at 10pm, opening at 6am.  Now,,we see what will happen.  He was  going to talk to the city attorney, and the one that put the gate up.  Our friend on the council told him that what they had done was wrong, and had the paperwork to prove it.  He doesn't like her, cause she makes them toe the line,,lololol.  She's not afraid to speak up and oppose them.  The other man put some really good questions to him, too.

I want to thank all of you for being concerned about my son.  SSI helped him on the last 2 surgeries, so that's who he needs to go to, now, i think,  even tho he did get the disability.  His doc was furious about him not getting medical.  Said to tell them to call HIM.  This is going to cost way more than any of the others.  The last one was near 150,000, and that was maybe 10 years ago.  The doc is doing his office visits, x-rays, etc for a fraction of what is his normal fees, and told him he would do the same for the MRI.  We just know that something has to be done.

I have to laugh about my Jude,,and the mockingbirds.  He's ducking, watching, ready to run all the time now.  I opened the door to let him in yesterday, and one fluttered in the crepe myrtle there, and he ducked and ran a few steps before he turned and darted into the house.  They are mean!  And i know they're nesting, etc, but.....  I hear them singing all nite when i get up, don't hear them in my bedroom.

It's windy today, but after watching the weather, i don't have much hope for rain.  It has been really cloudy this morning.

Yall tc, and