Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger Trouble, Again?



These were my valentine flowers, almost gone  now.  Camera was in the car, and I just never brought it in til yesterday.  The ones on the right were white carnations dyed by my son into rainbow colors.   They also gave me a rainbow colored whirligig for outside.  The ones on the left were from my dotter.  Wish they showed up better here, but,,,I’m just not good with a camera.  Never cared to be, so,,this is what you get.  lol.


This was a different duck, and was the only one I saw.


Turtles sunbathing, til the gull landed.  Just one stayed and stared at it.  The others are circling around the rock.  There were lots of them in the water.

Ok, what’s going on with blogger now???  The blogs on my follow list aren’t showing the right time posted.  This has been going on for a couple of days now, driving me nuts,,,nuttier,,,anyway,,,lol.   For instance, it’s 10 am here, and HJs blog on top of list showing it was posted 9 hours ago.  At 1 am???  Is anybody else having this problem?  I did cure the email notification thang, by using the embedded comments.  And that gave me the reply at the bottom of those, so all’s good on that part.

My son came by last nite with some paperwork he wanted me to interpret for him, so I just went thru it and made a summery.  Where it took SS 5 pages to say something, I had a short list of those.  He finally got his disability which I couldn’t believe he was turned down the first time!  With all his spine doctors helping him, and stacks of paperwork verifying this since he was about 22 years old,,it took 2 times.  Now he can get that MRI his doc wants to do, and go from there.  The spinal block shots just last so long.  There’s a calcium deposit growing into his spine and pinching on the nerves.  It can put him flat sometimes.  All these 24 or so years, he’s had to pay out of his own pocket. (For 5 spinal surgeries)  He is limited on what he can do now, like sit or ride.   It was his choice not to do this until now.  This has happened all up and down his spine.  Has a lot of fusions,,metal plates.  Can’t pass inspections with those wands…lol.  Has to show his back and front. 

My walking is getting a tiny bit better.  Still a force to do it, but,,,,HAVE to.  The weather helps, makes me want to get out and do something.  I look at my yard, and used to have so pretty a one, but now,,,just survivors there.  Can’t get out and take care of it any more.  I noticed my pond is almost full of rain water, so I need to get some fish in there, for the mosquito larvae.  Maybe just some minnows this time because it will dry up in the summer.  Not gonna buy goldfish any more.  (bought them at a bait shop)

Ok,,gonna make a move,,,so yall tc, and