Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogger Messup

OK wanna know why blogger is saying my browser isn't supporting it, try google chrome.  Saying that's why we are having problems with comments.  Sooo,,what are we gonna do?  And why do i see comments on some with "reply" right under them?  What's going on?  Other browsers?  Someone said trying chrome didn't work either.  So yall, i've tried commenting today, on several, and just a couple worked.  Jojo, you're one.

OOO OYeah!! I did the research on that pneumonitis, and it's just another way of saying pneumonia.  Antibiotics cures it, so it does go away.  It's not like, if you get it, you're stuck with it for life.  Like my COPD.  Which, by the way, makes me more vulnerable.

I'm enjoying another new one, Mystic Mud, which is gonna be MM,,,so, thx, HJ.  Which is why i'm later and later showing up here,,,lolololol.  Lots of  blogs to read.

Read about the Parks and Wildlife doing the rabies drops again.  Someone said something about spraying houses!,,,NOOO spraying!!  It's little packets, like mustard packets you get at fast food places, and the animals chew into them, get the vaccine.  There's just a few places now, in Texas, that needs it done.  It's been wiped out in most counties.  And another thing,, these YANKEE dumbos need to learn a thing or 2 about cattle.  Way back maybe 70s, the ranchers here started using donkeys,,YES donkeys, to stay with their herds of cattle to protect them.  Just one donkey kept coyotes, and mountain lions away.  They stayed with the herds.  Now they use those huge dogs, that live out on the range with the cattle or sheep, whatever.   A friend bought a pair of those dogs, for $5000. and he had to be on a  list, took 2 years to get them.  But then he sold the pups everywhere.  Ranchers now are into goats and they sure need more protecting.  My newphew has one of those dogs, but ruined it by making a pet out of it.  And, they still have cattle.  Hard to do now, with the drought, and feed prices.

Ok, off my bandwagon ,,,at least for a while.  Blogger published before i was thru, so there's gonna be 2, so just read on,,,all.

Yall tc, and