Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out of Touch

Woke up Wed night to go to the bathroom, then couldn't get a deep breath. I went to my lazyboy for the slant, used an inhaler for asthma, nothing helped.  So, after about an hour, i called an ambulance, thinking it might be that pneumonia i had before. Thank God it wasn't but they found that my heart rhythm was too far off, on the top of my heart, sooooo, they kept me for observation, did thousands of tests, lol, and i didn't get to come home until Thursday at noon. Seeing my doc next Thurs for follow up, maybe a med change. They did contact my heart doc too. They told me that was why i was tired so much, and had the trouble breathing.

THEN, after a couple of flushes Sat morning,my toilet stopped up totally. I called my plumber, had to leave a message,,,, didn't get a call back. Remembered reading some dawn (dish soap) hacks on facebook, i had saved them, so i looked them up and sure enough, there was one to use for a stopped up toilet.....I put the cup of dawn in it, let it set overnight,(says 15 minutes) and poured the bucket of hot water in today....Took a minute or so, and WOOOHOOOO,,, it went down!! I got to call and cancel the plumber! I had a potty chair thank God. Use the frame over the commode.

Well, that's all my news,,, lol.... otherwise, same ol, same ol. O yeah, started using my oxygen and breathing machine at night, again. Slept 8 straight hours last nite...Yall tc, and