Friday, June 7, 2013


Had to tell you about my experience with that horrible thing,,,Went to bed one night and started spinning, grabbed on thinking I was going to fall off the bed.  When I could sit back up, it quit,,,but,, every time I tried to lay back down, the spinning started again,,,,WELL, that's not gonna work!  Since I seemed ok sitting up, I drove to the hospital ER, to see what was happening.

The doc did some testing, etc, and decided it was vertigo.  Did you know that could be signs of a stroke?  I didn't.  They gave me medicine for sea sickness, and a prescription for it too.  I had some at home, and for the life of me, I can't think how in the world I ever came up with it.  The spinning never came back, and that was 2-3 years ago, DD. 

You surely wouldn't drive feeling that way.  I did call J and tell him what I was doing, and he showed up at the ER later.  It seemed kinda strange, with it hitting me when I laid down!  NOT when I was up.  And no, DD, nothing caused it that I know of.  If so, I don't remember,,,lol.  I'm taking that cholesterol drug again, memory's not good now.  Guess you can research, huh?  Just wanted to let you know.

Got my plumber here unstopping my sewer line.  I called him yesterday, when I saw and heard the warnings, and he was coming about 3PM BUT (now this is unbelievable) he called back and said he got tied up and would come this AM, which he did!...  How many plumbers do you know that will do that?

Of course, he will charge like all the rest,,,lol. 

My leg/hip pain has come back a little, but not too bad.  I might have moved and caused it before I woke up.  I'm real careful when i'm awake.  Sure glad I told J I couldn't take him to the doc today.
He said something about using heat today, along with the ice pack, but I need to ask him how to rotate that.  I'm sitting on the ice pack now, and do during the day.

Yall tc, and