Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden Time

Monday, Monday,,,Thank God i quit going to respite for now. Have to be gone tomorrow, going with N for most of the day. Won't be a post til Wed. Have to get up early, like 7;30,,gonna be rough. She has a doc's apt in Fredericksburg at 9;45, so we need to leave about 8;30. Maybe,,i will have time to get my coffee down. Really Really hate to brush my teeth BEFORE coffee. She's seeing an eye doc, so might need a driver later. Then has another apt later, so will be a day thing. I volunteered, have nothing else to do, lol. She's gonna drive me to Austin next week, on Wed., for my port replacement. That will be another whole day trip thing too.

Loved that worm on Hermit's blog...wooooo. Saw one on my back step one time, and that darned thing hissed at me!! Was almost afraid to pick it up. hahahaha,,,Never had a worm hissing at me before, nor later for that matter. If i remember correctly, (?) yall quit laughing,,,,i think that's the one that turned into that huge lime green luna moth. Those r the most beautiful of all the moths and butterflies. And the biggest. They're rare around here. Hey Hermit,,maybe next year, plant just one tomato plant off all by itself, just for them. lol
Reminds me of my bro, B, and his tomato plants a few years ago. He bought 4 different varieties,,and didn't mark em when he planted em. Well, one was the most tomato making plants u ever saw!!! It made clusters of big fabulous tomatoes, so heavy they had to be tied up to the cages. Everybody asked him,,what is that one????,,and he had no idea!!! Don't think he ever found that one again. That was the same year they left for a few days, and i went by to check on the garden. WELLLL,,,i didn't know what i was getting into. I went by there and saw that the green beans needed picking,,,bad. They had just been picked a couple of days before. There were just 3 rows about 10 feet long. Well, i picked, n i picked, then picked some more, and i hadn't even done one row. Decided i had to have help. So i went a picked up my g/dotter, and then,,, again,,,we picked n picked n picked. I never knew green beans could make like that. We had 2 tubs full when we finally got em all picked. Now,,,the next chore. hhahahaha,,,how to get all of those in the refrigerater. We did it. All it had was green beans. hahahaha. That was the makingest garden i ever did see!!! That was before the year i had the greatest craving for em. That year, nobody had any. NOBODY. Finally in late summer, one of the grocery stores got some in. I loaded up, cooked em in my pressure cooker with the new potatoes, and thats what i ate,, nearly ate em all when they got done. MERCY,, got my mouth watering right now. hahahahaha.

Well, got my lawn mower all fixed up for the season. The man just brought it back after changing the oil, filter, cleaning plug, etc. I used to do all that. Dam, hard to get old. lol,,on DDs blog today, he was asking what ur fears were. Well, that's my worst one, not being able to do for myself, at all. I want to fall over dead like my Dad did, or just quit breathing like i did 3 years ago with pneumonia. My Mom did that, too, in her sleep. Enough of that, im gonna enjoy what i have left, find something to laugh about, keep the negative thots away. I learned mind control a long time ago. Had to.

Break time. later yall