Monday, November 5, 2012

Memory Must Be Going,,,

Kinda getting concerned about BB,,,been 6 days with no communication.  In fact, thot he was gonna go to the coast.  Anybody know anything?

Just flat missed doing a blog yesterday,,,without even realizing it.  Gotta get back in the habit.

Js here with me today,,been 5 days now.  He's doing just fine, pushing it like he always does.  He won't listen to me,,,lol

Changed the dressing today,,,took a quick shot ,,,not bad huh?  This is the 5th day.  23 staples there, but they are small ones this time.  Normally they are 1/2" wide.
Went out to the park yesterday, just watching the bird life, reading, etc.  This man and his 13 year old dotter showed up, walking along the bank, casting along the way.  They went on past me a bit and i heard the girl yell,,,,and she had caught a small bass, which they threw back.  I moved to another place and in a bit the dad walked by carrying this BIG one,,, which he put in an ice chest with water.  I didn't stay much longer, but i think they had just started biting.  He said she had gotten 2 bucks Saturday, then 2 more.  (Using his tags),,,So yall,,,there are fish out there in that park!  You hearing me, BB?  Didn't think about taking a pic til later, still kicking myself.
Well, so late here now,,,gonna close up, yall tc, and