Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Post

lolol,,,u like my title? Went out and checked on the river yesterday. Out West of town, 2 miles, that dam still had a little water going over. People swimming above. Then i came back and went to look at the one here in town, not going over, people swimming. Don't they know you don't get into this kind of water? We were told that all of our lives. You can get all kinds of bad things from still, nasty water like that. Some can kill you, let alone that horrible skin disease that i can't remember the name of. The one that can make you lose limbs, etc.

I still haven't made it to the shower. Guess it doesn't matter. Got all day, and been on here mostly all morning. Do need to do my dishes. What i really need to do, is get all that done and get out to the HEB, well, today or tomorrow. Just don't do anything that requires early. When i have to make appointments, i always tell them, late morning or early afternoon. After all the years of alarm clocks, i'm thru with them!! I've earned it. lol.

DAM!! Someone just found in one of the government apartments, after a bad odor was detected. An 830. (death). Kinda sick now. Not good in this kind of heat. And besides, in a small town like this, you might know this person. Not enough for me to know who lives there, but,,,,

There's a woman that bought an old trailer house 1/2 block N of here, and is living there with no AC. She comes out late in the afternoon and sits in the shade on the E side, and is still there when i go to bed. When we were growing up, we sure didn't have AC, had fans tho. As kids, we were outside almost all the time during the summer. There was a creek by our house, that we played on all the time. I don't remember ever being hot, lololol,,don't think kids notice. Don't remember being cold either. Mom made us wear coats to school, but they were discarded as soon as we got there, no matter how cold it was. We were all skinny little things too.

Well, i've made a few calls, and still don't know who it was.

Later,,,found out but don't know the woman.

Ok, had lunch, gonna get into shower. Who knows, something might come up today. lol

Been reading this book written by Dolly Parton, about her life. Surprising how many things we heard, said, did, growing up, too, that is the same. My folks originally came from MS. Guess lots of things were the same with all the Southerners. Even the toys, games, etc. Homemade toys, i'm talking about. I can remember having my very own sack for picking cotton that Mom had made for me. That was before we moved down here, from up around Paris, and Honey Grove TX. Blackland farming. Moved here when i was 6. Farming had to depend on the weather. Ranching, here, isn't much better. You just don't make a living doing either.

OK, folks, gone,,,,