Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woohooo,,,Better Today!

THANK YOU ALL for letting me know that you're there and concerned.. I kinda was too, because that's how that pneumonia starts and sneaks in.  But, my oxygen level was good.  I bought one of those finger thingys that read that,, and this AM it's 96,, which is great.  With pneumonia it goes down under 90.  And that's when i see a doc,,even in the ER if i have to.  When you wake up and can't walk,,you know you have it, too..,..I have no fever, no cough,,,but i can have it.  So,,my symptoms,,,can't walk, low blood oxygen, hard to get a breath.

And!!! I have some new followers that i want to thank for being here, and hope i don't bore you too much.   One of them is that niece i've been telling you about,,,Sheryl. (SS)

I feel good today,,,and i have no idea why i've felt bad.  I think it's just plain ol age...lolololol,,,having a bad day or 2 sometimes... And being so concerned over my son.  Next week is our trip to San Antonio to see the doc.  He's having major problems with it now. 

Last nite on America's Got Talent,,was not good.  It had all the ones from youtube.  Out of the 12,,,just 2 i liked.  Can't imagine picking 4 out of those to go on.  Even the judges had a hard time.

A few more days of this heat, and we're actually cooling off.  A cold front with rain!!!!  lollololol,,,It'll bring it down to the mid 90s,,, but that's 10* down.  So,,,i'm just gonna stay in,,wait for it.  Well, as much as possible..

Ok,,time for my waffles,,so yall tc, and