Saturday, August 20, 2011

Short Today

Gotta be short today.  Plumber came back, made sure i was unstopped.  Now i can do laundry.  He didn't really know why it kept gurgling either.  Not doing it now. 

Boy o Boy, did i EVER, sleep last nite.  Woke up about 9, plumber got here about 10, just right.

Check this site out,,it's what i put on when i first get up.  It's just a joy to look at, any time.  But the last 2 days, i have had to lmao.  This little yellow and white kitten has shown up, gets up on one of the stumps, then just doesn't know what to do with the squirrels.   So he lays there on one stump, kinda jumping around, while the squirrels eat on the other one.   The only birds are the doves that walk on the ground.  The rest stay away.  He doesn't pay any attention to the birds.  hahahaha soooooo cute!!!  Wish i had that out my window.  But this is the next best thing.  All he wants, is to play with that squirrel's tail,,,hahahahaha.

Reading OFM's blog, talking about a big bass?,,,haha,,,YOU KNOW, can't be true, with not one pic. lmaoooo.  Musta been a perch.

Yall, HAGD