Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Owl?

My boys came rushing in one day, saying they had found some baby owls, wanting a box to bring them home.  I said NOOO.  They finally talked me into bringing just ONE home, and i gave them this box.  they looked at it, said it wasn't big enough.  What?  For a baby owl?  They left, and when they came in with that baby owl,,,i did a double take!  Was at least a foot tall, little pin feathers all over, a few feathers coming out on the wings, tail.  And the biggest, most beautiful eyes you ever saw!  Long curled black eyelashes, big yellow eyes.  The only place we had to put it, was out in the garage on a rafter.  It just took us as it's adopted parents right off.  Cheeped when it saw us, wanting foooood.  Well, i didn't know a thing about owls, so i went to the library the next day, got a book, found out they were meat eaters,,,soooo, that meant my son had to hunt every day for food.  Soooo neat, they could swallow anything, whole, then later, upchucked these balls, with the bones, fur, etc in them.  We had a pasture behind us, and the river down the hill, so there was plenty of food.  We named him Hoot, of course.  His wings folded double, and he walked like a buzzard.  I had him out one day, sitting on a tree limb while i was working in the yard.  A city tractor went by, and scared him into flying a ways.  We looked and looked for him.  A day or 2 later, we went to Austin, and when we drove into the drive later, we heard,,,CHEEEP,,,CHEEEP,,, but couldn't see him.  lololol,,,He was walking across the pasture in the weeds.  My son went out and got him.  He always let him ride on his shoulder, even with those longggg talons.  Hoot never used them, except enough to hold on, not fall.  I had all these things on film, but all that was in the stolen storage stuff.   He flew up to me one day, with me filming him,,and i ducked out, and he just dropped straight to the ground. lololol,,,Always watched when i hung things out, he might decide to come land on my shoulder.  He found the river, and stayed there a lot, but when my son would get on the roof of the garage and call him,,,he came.  We finally quit seeing him, but heard about this strange owl,,being seen in the daytime, not afraid of people.. lol.  My x said he saw one sitting on the top of the bridge one morning, just watching the traffic go by.  I like to think he found the others and stayed with them.  Even now, i hear them at certain times of the year, hooting, down on the river.  I raised a lot of things, but he was the most fascinating one of all.  When he saw the dog, his feathers would all stand straight out,,,like my siamese cat's hair.  lololol.  He'd put his wings out too.  Making himself look BIG.  Guess it worked, the dog would back away. hahahaha

Raised some sparrows once, from newly hatched, no feathers.  Kept them in a bird cage, and our cat would be right there looking at them.  Well, later, when i turned them loose, setting them on a tree limb, our cat went running up there, and they just SAT THERE.  Barely got there in time to shoo them away.  Never saw those ungrateful birds again, but,,,maybe i can guess why.  We all looked like crazy people, running everywhere with nets, trying to catch bugs.  Took a LOT for 4!! Don't know how their parents do it.  They got a lot of bread crumbs.

That Ramen was good stuff.  Put little hunks of chicken in it, from a bag of frozen fajitas.  Should have put some onion in it.  Will add that later to my leftovers.  I can find this low sodium kind in just one store, and that's the HEB in Kingsland.  You would think it would be everywhere, but it's NOT.

My nephew was in this weekend, and YESSS he said he'd paint my facings for a pizza.  Wooohooo.  They are done.  He did a great job, but i just gave him the money.  Then he told me he was trying to eat more healthy now, so was glad to get the money, not pizzas, lol. 

Ok, that's all i got, so yall HAGD