Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fried Chicken for Christmas

Gosh, it's taking me more time to read the paper than before.  I just kinda dawdle.  Then there are some of the ads i like to look thru.  NOT all,,,lol.  I can never pass up a Home Depot one.  Or a Lowes. lol, I should have, that's the way i got my front doors, looking in that thing and seeing what they had that door priced at!  When i bought them, i had no idea when i would get them put in, so just propped them up in that front room i rarely use.  This time of year is pricey for me.  Seems like all the extra stuff comes due this quarter.  So the doors were out of place.  No extras now,,for a while.  Good thing i got Christmas done way back, but i'm the kind of person that shops all year, lays things up for birthdays, or Christmas, or something.  I've always done that.  When i would run across something and think,,ooo,,,so and so would just love this,,i would buy it and put it up for later.  So Christmas is not bad, since i've been spending all year.  Now,,if i just had the food figured out,,,,lol.  OMG,,,i know!!!  A bucket of fried chicken!!!  hahahahaha,,,not kidding.  I know for sure, my youngest brother would LOVE that.  And,,, the little ones. Ok,,gotta ask the place if they're open or not.  Even that sounds better to me, than turkey or ham,,,AAAAGAIN. 

I found 2 waffles yesterday, when i was going thru my freezer.  Ate em this morning.  My freezer is just one on top of my fridge, but plenty big enough for me.  Even with that one, i have to watch it and try not to let things get old.  Like part of a roll of sausage, i had to toss.  Since i don't cook much, i  don't store stuff for later.  What i put in it, is for instant access stuff, things i can microwave.  I'm ready for some new "stuff" now,,,lol.  I still have a fairly large serving of those veges i cooked, so i need to get those gone.  Not now,,lol,,they don't go with the other 1/2 of my burger from last nite.  That reminded me,,,(%*^&$#$% on that burger!  I pick it up at the Sonic, get home, and it's made with mayo!!! YUKKK.  They just can't get an order right!,,I order, no pickles, and then have to take them off but that's not the same,,,i can't take that mayo off.  Soo,,i call, and of course, am told to,,,bring it back,,,I tell em NO WAY, not getting back out.  Finally talk to the manager, and i have a credit for one, which serves them right.  I told him i'll just have to look at my order every time, before i leave.  And, of course, he's blaming it on "new help",,which i can understand, but where is the one that's teaching the new help?  I know i seem extreme, but gosh. don't you get tired of ineptitude?  All the time?  I did get in my car one time and take back some chicken, and when i showed it to the manager, he said "OMG, no one can eat that!"  Same with some fish from there.  Moral of this story,,,lol,,,watch it!

Now i'm hungry,,left over burger coming up... yall tc,,,and