Saturday, October 27, 2012


3 more days and we are more and more ready to get this done.  I have a list ,,,lol,,,of course,, so i won't forget something.  It's things to take and things to do since i plan on staying there 2 nights for sure, maybe 1 more.  He,,and me too, are hoping he can leave on Thursday, but,,,lol.  Think not likely., will be Friday.  Weather's gonna be beautiful.

I'm still hating it that i missed DD and the Mrs.   Just couldn't work it out that day.

Did any of yall read that new blog i told you about a couple of days ago?  I found it in the paper, sorta, and what they write about is so true of us,,,lol.  (Us, as in 'old people') 

Just had lunch,,2 pm, and i think it's gonna have to be nap time.  Eyes are telling me that.  So yall tc, and