Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank God, Back to Normal!!!

Back to normal, being Friday.  lol.  Not going near a store today.  Wanted to take my new glasses back, but,,,,,NO WAY.  It just has to wait til next week.

WELL, %^#^$%**, my news isn't even on, today!!!  NOT back to normal!! 

Kinda wish i'd watched that UT-A&M game, TX winning with the clock running out with that field goal.  Wow.  Coming on at 7 here, made it over past my bed time.  Which didn't turn out to matter, couldn't go to sleep again.  Got up and read a while, after taking an Aleve.

Had a good time with all the family yesterday.  Just lost $5 on moon.  LOL,,,that was just one game.  then they started poker and i never got the chance to win that back.  Didn't play poker, came home and took a nap.

In the paper today, there's an article saying it's better to shop in the coming weeks, not today!,,This study was done over a period of 12 years, to back the claim up.  Merchants will lower prices even more after today, to get rid of overstock, or things going out of date.  Today just gets the ball rolling, better things to come.  Since i have my shopping all done, doesn't matter to me,,,lol.  Did all of mine online, mostly from a big catalog i had gotten in the mail, Lakeside Collections.  Neat stuff in it.  Good prices too.

BB, i'm really trying to spell out everything so you can read it.  lol.  <<< but that is,,,laughing out loud... hahahahah.  Been doing the other for so long, just natural now.  Loved your blog today, since i never knew all your past history., 

Just had oatmeal, and,, i have a big plate of leftovers from yesterday for later.  There was a huge pot roast, a turkey, and a huge bone in ham my nephew smoked.  2 huge pans of dressing, then so many sides, have no idea what all.  Not for sure, but guessing about 40 there.  Took my camera and never used it.  It was always,,,over there.  Not handy.  And, i was way over in a place not easy to get to, nor out of.  So i never got the pics.  There were 3 tables, big ones, set up for food.  And ,,,filled up too.  All this will be repeated for Christmas, but at the other bro's house.  Lots more room there.  It was my house for lots of years.  I rented it for several years, (don't ever do that)!!.  Then i finally sold it, then had to repossess it after a few years..  That's when he got it.  It was like home to him, since he had been there all the time in his late teens, early 20s.

One time,,they told me,,my older son and him,,that when they came in late the night before, they had raided the fridge and found some left over steak in there and ate it.  I told em, no,,no steak was in there.  They insisted,,yes it was.. I finally remembered about a month earlier, i had cooked some chicken fried steak, and maybe i had put leftovers in there.  hahahaha,,,They said they peeled off the green and white stuff, and ate it.  They'd found it way in back of other stuff.  LMAO...Well, from then on, they asked,,when did you put this in here?,,,   Then one time, i had put some leftover chicken livers in there, and my son got them out, took a bite, and spit it all over the kitchen.,,,thot they were oysters.  All my life i couldn't stand liver, then,,,one day in my 30s, my friend ordered liver and onions in a cafeteria and they sounded sooo good.  From then on, i have really liked it.  Smothered with onions,,maybe my fav.  Can't hardly beat chicken fried chicken ones either, tho.

Enough of all my ramblings,,,yall tc (take care)
HAGD  (have a good day)