Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Rescue Cat

Gosh,,, been a while.  Still haven't heard back from the Doc's office about accepting this insurance.  I've tried to call all week and haven't received a call back YET!.

We just sat and enjoyed the rain and cool front yesterday.  I had the house open, and it felt soooo good.  He showed up today with his shorts, flops and muscle shirt on,,,freezing me just to look.  I got out my winter robe,,,hahahaha.  For ME.

I've got his rescue cat here,,,,did i tell you about this?   It was my fault,, i heard on my scanner about a cat in a trap over by his house, and the animal control man headed over there.  I called thinking it might be one of theirs.  And he went over there, and it was someone's pet, rubbing on the cage, talking to him.  The woman that lived there had baited it with a can of sardines, trying to catch some coons.  WELL,,,J couldn't stand it, couldn't get anybody to the door, so he called his friend, the animal control man.  They destroy the cats after 2 days, but he kept it over the weekend for J,  we picked it up and took it to the vet, had to have shots and get fixed,,,cost him 100.00, but he saved it!!!  Now,,i still have it here, and yes, it's a total sweetheart, but NO i do not want another one.  He thot he had someone to take it, but,,,no.  Last he told me,,,today,,,was, he was gonna take it over to his house,,,(hahaha),,,yeah. Turn it loose over there.

Gosh, all the new shows on tv,,,i've recorded so many, it'll take me all weekend to see them,,,lol.  There's one tonite,,,at 7 too.  lol,,,somehow i watched the last one of Amer got Talent, before i saw the one just before,,, that i had recorded.  Now i know who won,,,hahahahaha.

News is talking about a bomb threat at UT today.  My sis and I were in a club one nite, and a bunch of cops came in,,,told the owner something, and he got up to a mic and was kinda laughing,,,said we had to evacuate, there had been a bomb threat.  Sooo, we all went out,,, waited around about an hour,,,went home.  No bomb.

That's it,,,and i've been trying to keep up with all of your blogs even tho i couldn't do one, so yall tc, and