Sunday, May 1, 2011

Late Easter Spell,, lololol

59* right now, 2 pm.  How about that?   Havent had a drop of rain, but maybe later.   Its been cloudy all day, and the wind is right out of the N, and,,,, cold!  

Still no word from the niece in AL.  And my toe is all kinds of colors, but not very sore now.  Wont wear a shoe yet, but do have socks on,  told ya, its cold!  

All this to-do about sevin dust, and yesterday i was digging around in my store room,,AND,,u guessed it.  Found 1/2 of a small bag of SEVIN  DUST!!.  Used it right then, too, and this morning,,no ants.   Just a little 2 foot line across their trail,,stopped them.  Got all my chicken feeders n stuff taken out to N.  I wont ever have chickens any more, which i really regret.  Love watching them.  And yummm,,,fresh eggs.  oooooo,,,forgot to bring in a dozen from Ns,, 

Well, 4 pm now, and i just turned some heat on.,  Its COLD,,,i tell ya.  My Hey Jude likes it.  He hasnt wanted me to comb him today.  I get tons of hair off every few days.  lololo,,,When i came back home a little bit ago, there were these ants in a group, around the 2 holes,,like,,theyre so cold they dont know how to go back in. hahahahaha   I stopped by my dotters house, n she was out in shorts, saying she was soooo hot.  I asked if she was having hot flashes, then saw the mower.   She had stopped to re-gas it.  Here i am, in sweats, telling her i had to get outa that cold wind, n shes sweating!! lmaooo.    What a good day to mow. 

Sure hope DD is getting to c his races.  All i can c is a strong wind advisory for the coast until 6, outa the S. SE.  Dont know when the front will get there, would think soon, tho.  Here it is 4;30, 54*.   Gonna have an early supper, so cya later.