Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time Change

Started changing time on stuff yesterday. Now i have to remember what i did, and what i need to do.. lol. I'm using my cell phone, first thing i did this morning, so all will be on the correct time. Only thing i still need to do is my vcr. It did it last weekend, and it's good i noticed it when it didn't come on at the time it should have. I quickly put the hour back.

I woke up at 5 and couldn't go back to sleep, sooooo,, was up at 6:15.

My forearms are getting those big bruised looking spots, like i'm taking cummodin, but,, not. A friend said it could be the napraxon, and probably is. I had to increase it about a month ago for my hip but not working. The pain is out from the joint, on the side sorta. Hurts when it touches things and i have to shift around when i'm sitting, to find a spot that won't hurt. I remember when i was about 35, and my doc told me,,,,"you're getting older, you're gonna have aches and pains." Was so shocking!! hahahaha Me? Older?

The doc said if that didn't work, i would need to do some therapy. Don't know if i will do that or not!

I've tried and tried to make an online payment for my phone bill, been doing it forever, and it WILL NOT let me. Means i have to call tomorrow and see wth is going on. I haven't set it on the auto pay, i like to see what is coming out of my bank account before it's done.

I've finished all of the Nevada Barr, Anna Pidgeon series. But there are 4 new J C Box, and i got 3 of them. It's like i just read the previous ones! Finished one of those already!

Deer season started yesterday, heard shots from the river, and 2 blocks E is out of city limits, so hunters around there too. It's packed here in town, but not like it used to be. Back then i didn't get out on that Friday afternoon, was crazy, dangerous to drive. The price of gas and the leases did it. You can hunt on the river for free. The deer know days ahead and get crazy too, and get hit running out on the roads. This county is the deer capitol in the US. They come up from the river, around here, i see the tracks all the time.

Gotta go, yall tc, and