Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where Does My Time Go?

Here it is, almost noon, and i'm still moving in slow motion.  Been up since 8:30, and little done.  Well, i did get my coffee down, read the paper, kinda vacummed a little, washed a few dishes, AND, ate oatmeal for brunch.  Putting it all down,,sounds like i have been busy,,,hahahahaha.  Got one burner on  on my gas range, all i needed for the chill in here.  Gosh, how can u not love this weather?

OK,,the rest of my battery story.  I left that little trickle charger on 'til 3 pm,,went out with fingers crossed, turned that key, AND ,,,,woooohooo, started up.  Left it running while i undid all the hookups, unplugged extension cord so i could close my door, and lock it, and headed up to the x's shop.  He had the new battery sitting there, ready.  So in a few minutes, i was good to go.  He didn't charge me any markup, and just a little for changing them out, disposal fee, etc.  Told you, he helps me sometimes.  lol, I made curtains for him, once.  He had an unusual size window, so ,,,i made them.
Ended up staying there about an hour, because i wanted to hear about his stepfather that is very ill, not long to live.  His Mom always called me her dotter she never had, even after we divorced.  He's having to run back and forth to Ft Worth, helping him, taking him to docs, hospitals, etc.  So now i know how he's doing, and what's been going on with him.

Lordy, i've gotten so behind on clipping coupons,,which i usually forget to use, but, i still do it.  O yeah, that's another thing i've done this morning, gone thru a few of those booklets.  Still have about 6 to go thru.   I've gone thru another catalog, and picked out a few more things for Christmas gifts.  Should finish me up.  I gave my dotter her gift for her birthday, so have to get another one. 

Gotta get my trash out today, and i saw that my container had blown over.  Also, gotta go to the library later, and pick up a book i am buying, about the history of this town.  It's an extension of the first one, written way back in the 70s.  I typed the whole manuscript for it, back then.  Anyway, today is the book signing, and distribution.  Need to pick up some more reading material too.  Think i might try to go to Marble Falls tomorrow, still gotta do that trip.  Too windy today, hate to drive in bad wind.

Yall TC now,,and HAGD