Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Sure was a lot of hemorrhaging to spread out..... I sure haven't hit it again... very careful.

My therapy is really helping my hip, and i haven't even done it every day. I can almost walk, most of the time, without that pain there. My 02 is doing good, still taking steroids. Sure hoping there's a med like that, that i can stay on.  Won't see the Doc til 3-2, gotta get that sleep study done.

Gotta get a battery pack for my camera, barely got the one, even tho i took 2.

Did i tell yall, i found out i can use the senior bus to take me to doc appointments? I spent days, hours, called dozens of numbers, just got passed around. Then a lady was here to sign me up for home health care, and said i should try the bus service here. Next morning, i did, and found out i could use it, asked the charge, and was told 0!!! yeah... ZERO, Over a certain age, 60?, no charge. WOW. It won't take me to the sleep study, 8PM, but, will pick me up the next morning at 6, or whatever i need. I am really thankful. My eyes bother me, dont know if it's the oxygen or what but there are times i shouldn't drive.

Stopped here, and time got away, so yall tc and


Monday, January 26, 2015

Is it Spring yet?

lol Love this Tx weather. Who could live in cold all the time?

DD is talking about gardens. I had one, once. Had help to start with, but,,, ended up with none, and everything i put up, in the freezer, like i was told how to do, had to throw away, was a bad taste. Have no idea what happened, but that ended ANY garden for me. Like i always said, in spring and summer, you can find all that stuff on the side of the road, or in grocery stores, and NOOOO work.

My Dad always had to have a garden, even when he became disabled. One year, he got the onions in (Mom) and called me later that day telling me to bring my youngest son back to his house. LOLOLOL,, my son, about 6, had gotten mad at him and went out and pulled all those onions up.Well, guess what?,, i totally agreed, get out there and plant all those onions back!! But it was still funny.

One more. Son was about 8 and carried a can of worms into the house, and mom told him to take those worms back outside....Next morning, my bro got up, stuck his hand into a drawer for socks, and started yelling. It was dark. Guess where the worms were.... hahahaha.

This is the one i lost, when he was 16, and no matter how long, you always, always miss them. Lost my dad in 85, then him in 86.

Ive tried for over an hour to put a document on here, and it will NOT work.,, So, yall tc, and


Friday, January 16, 2015

Online Orders

I'm finding out more and more, that firefox does NOT handle lots of things i need. Just this morning i tried looking at a copy of an order i placed yesterday, kept in bookmarks thinking i would get an email, and,, nothing. The bookmark would not load the page, just the address at the top, and they didn't send an email. I called and they located my order and will send an email so i will have a copy. It's a new electric blanket and will be here next Tuesday.

 DO NOT EVER buy one that is fleece, like i did and am having to send back. It crawls like satin sheets, will only heat the bed if i put it on H, and then when i turn it down, no matter what number, there is barely any heat. At least they are sending me a return label, and taking it back. I told the lady that called me late yesterday that i hated everything about it, and she said if i had gotten a plush one, it wouldn't crawl like that. Didn't say anything about the heating part. and O YEAH, it turns off after 10 hours, (supposed to be able to change that, but couldn't) and leaves me nothing for a couple of hours before i get up.

I couldn't believe the prices on those things now. Last one i got, about 20 years ago, was at a garage sale, but brand new. I shopped online for days, finally gonna try one from Kmart. Leaving the other one on til it shows up.

Went to see a therapist yesterday, and the exercises she showed me are stretching ones for that hip. I really think they will help....Just doing 2, twice a day. Have to use the bed, in that cold bedroom,,,

O yeah, firefox won't let me pay some of my bills online either. Guess i need to put all my bookmarks over into another browser and just take firefox off. Not showing my order is kinda the last straw. Do any of yall have this problem?

Still off oxygen!!!....So whatever i had went away, and hopefully never comes back.

Gosh, i have so many appointments coming up, hope i don't miss any. Like, next week there's 3, 2 for tests, lung doc ordered, and 1 for therapy. I have them on sticky notes on here, first thing i look at when i turn laptop on.

Breakfast time, hunger pains,,so yall tc, and


Thursday, January 8, 2015

the 40s

I grew up in the 40s too, well, started in 41. Yeah, outhouses til i was probably 10 or so. Icebox too. Seems i crawled up the front and turned one over, one time. The door falling open saved me. We didn't have a car either, til i was about the same age. Before we moved here, Dad would use a horse and wagon to drive me to school sometimes. Otherwise we walked and it WAS a long way. And YES, i remember seeing timber wolves running in the fields beside the road sometimes too. We heated the really small house with a wood heater. There are still those wolves there, at nite you can hear them. They used to eat my aunt's watermelons in her garden. My hubby didn't believe me, til we were up there and he heard them too.

I got to start school at a little country school up by Honey Grove Tx, but moved here to central Tx when i was 6, still in first grade. The teacher didn't tell, so i got to stay. I was the youngest in my class from then on.

We grew up on cornbread and beans, (always had beans), biscuits and gravy, eggs most of the time. Now, i know how healthy that was. Trying to remember if there were any fat kids, maybe 1 or 2. We raised 100 fryers every year, (maybe 50) put them in the freezer, so on Sundays, we had fried chicken. We kids had to help kill and clean those fryers too. Thank God mother hated skin so we got to skin them.

I got hungry for biscuits and gravy not long ago, and said that's what i was going to have for supper. My 6 yo niece said,,," i LOVEEEE biscuits and gravy". My bro had to make her some too. I can NOT make biscuits!! I do it just like mother did, using self rising flour, and they are heavy and NOT good. I've given up,, aaaa gain... lol.

I am still doing good, no oxygen, nebulizer, nose sprays, or inhalers. I do use spiriva, but have used that for years. Don't know what happened but if there is such a thing as a COPD flare up, then i did have it. Lasted about 2 months.

It was 23 when i got up about 8 today so must have been in the teens like they said it would. I had to order a new electric blanket, the old one barely heats enough to keep me warm all nite. Wow those things are HIGH. Had to get a full size, for my queen bed, to get a single control. Double controls just would not work, i sleep in the middle.

I know there was something else, but still can't remember what, so yall tc, and


OOO YEah,,, lol.. I live on SS only, too. Everything i have is paid for, so no bills except the monthly living expenses. I manage to pay the insurances with no problem, and usually even save some each month. I write a check each month to have money in my pocket, put gas for my car on a credit card, and pay each month. Also things i order goes on that card too, like that blanket. For larger expenses, like a set of tires, new window unit, and a few others, i have a card with no interest for over a year to use, can pay off as i want. Told my daughter one time, play their game. Watch for the end of the no interest time, switch cards. Always had offers by others.