Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heyy, I'm Back

Did i actually say i would tell yall how much weight i had lost?,,,  Did i really?,,,hmmmmm, ok.  7 lbs, in the 6 weeks since port replaced.  Did those in the first 3 weeks, actually 9,  then i was needing a fill.  When the surgery was done, he just put 4cc in, and yesterday he put 1 more.  GOSH, it's working now!  When i got up during the nite and took just one sip of water, then went back to bed, didn't work.  I could not lay there without that water wanting to come back up, so finally i sat up and that made me burp and burp, but when i laid back down, still the same. I finally just got up and read my book for a while.  lol, Won't do that any more.  The next time i swished it around then spit it out. 

We went to Red Lobster for lunch before our appointments and i just got an appetizer.  OMG,,,it had 6 huge shrimp, which i could only get 3 down.  Had 1/2 a biscuit with them.  So, i had leftovers for supper, and our driver gave me 3 more she couldn't eat, so i still have shrimp.  For supper, all i could eat were 2!  Very slowly.  YEAAAA lol.  The friend that had hers done a few months before i did, is the one i go with.  We work it so that we can go at the same time, and another one has been driving us.  It was about 4:30 when we got back, and i was soooo tired of sitting by then, i didn't get anything else done.  Well, got my trash out cause it had to go.  The driver did a couple of things after we left the Doc's office, and that made us so late getting home.  Ok with me, i was just along for the ride. lol.  I donate for gas, pay for my supper.  And soo glad i can do that.

I realized i had missed 2 refills last week when i called them in, prescriptions, so i called them in yesterday before i left.  When they delivered this morning, they didn't have them, so i called, and they had no record of me calling before either.  They are the only drug store we have now, and he has also bought out 3 more, so i'm hoping this kind of thing doesn't become regular. 

DD, i've  read ur blogs from the getgo, every one of them.  Don't u dare quit doing them!! :)))  I catch myself feeling the same.  Nothing to write about, just rambling, and wanting to quit doing them every day.  I didn't post the last 2 days,  and that was fine.  I have gotten new followers or i might have quit totally by now.  THANK YOU, ALL U NEW FOLLOWERS.  Anyway, i get discouraged too, just wanted to let u know.