Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day,,and it's the 13th

Guess DDs the only one to use that link i put on yesterday's post.  Over the years, when i gave a gift for a birthday, i would make a copy of that day in history and give it too.  Everybody loved it, and you would hear all the oo wow,,gas was,,, bread was,,,, i didn't know that.  lololol.

 One time, when g/dotter was a teen, i was giving her jewelry in the box, so i wrapped it in money... lololol.  Different bill denominations,,, She took forever to unwrap it,,,lololol.

I haven't heard from J yet, on our trip tomorrow, to San Antonio.  He was gonna call the doc and see if there was anything he had to do,,OMG,,the phone just rang and it was him,,,how's that for timing?  And there's nothing he needs to do, but be there.  His gf is going too, which i'm so glad. 

Woke up this morning just before 8 and it was really dark.  Had a little thunderstorm move over, and cooled it off so good i haven't turned on the ACs yet.  Looks like about a 1/4" rain in my gauge.   Guess i'll need some more 20s,,to get mowing done,,lololol.  I think he mowed 3 times last year, the whole year.

Guess you can see, i don't have anything to talk about.  Just saw one of those MRI tubes on TV, and don't remember if i told you about there being a chair you can sit in now, to get them done.  I had told them at the doc's,,,i wasn't gonna get in one of those any more.  I had my teeth bleached,,ONCE,, and it took like,,an hour to pack my mouth with gauze (not kidding),,then she would put the stuff on, had to sit 15 minutes with your mouth propped wide open, then clean it off, do it again,,,3 times!!!  By the time that 3rd one was done, i was just about to start screaming,,  Those 15 minutes crawl by.  Wasn't worth it, didn't last.  Mine were stained with the usual, smoking, coffee, tea.  You have to do upkeep and i did til i ran out of that stuff.  Hated doing that too. 

Enough nonsense,,,so yall tc, and