Wednesday, May 16, 2012

O Gosh, Hump Day Already

Today being Wed.,,i'm due a drug delivery, and it's almost 11:30 and it's not here yet.  Do i call to be sure it's coming?  They are almost always here before 11.  The worst thing, i used the last this morning, my Spiriva.  Guess i'll give it a little more time, then call.

The heat is coming back, will have to run the ACs by the weekend.  We did get a lot of rain, have no idea of the total,,lol, but i will next time.  I put my new giant gage up this morning.  Bring it on!  I'll get a pic later, that darn camera is in the car, always in the wrong place.

Ok did call, and the lady is out now with my spiriva.  OOO hear her now... OK got it.  Last time i got a 3 month supply, and now this is one,,WTH?  who knows?

I'm making some chicken salad, but just got it started, having to wait on the eggs now.  Have yall noticed these cans of chicken,,how much is in them?  NOT MUCH! I don't think it's the same amount as it used to be, most of it is liquid.  After i drained the water off, it's about a 1/3 of a can of chicken left.  The woman that used to announce all the baseball games over the years, made the best!  I still have her recipe,,she would boil a whole chicken, then de-bone it.  I still have a recipe from a girl that played with us, and later bought a bakery.  Her bread pudding.  Know who i'm talking about, SS?  lolololol.  Saw her a couple of days ago, at the store.

I used to wag SS around all the time.  She was sooooo cute, and could say the best things...One time, going by this huge church in Austin, she said,,," OOO, that's a Jesus House".  She was maybe 3.  One more,,,her mom gave her a bath and told her to come here, let's get your drawers on,,,she laughed and said,," those aren't drawers, those are panties",, mom said,," well, you can call them drawers sometimes if you want to"  SS,,,"does that mean i can call my dresses closets?"  About the same age... she always could talk like an adult,,  My son and bro B used to ride her around on their bikes, whatever, B on his unicycle with her on his shoulders.  She just sat there, trusting them totally.

She sent me a Mother's Day ecard.  Totally surprised, and loved it.

I know i'm forgetting something i was gonna say, ,,,it's gone now, but,,if i remember, i'll do it later.

Yall tc, and