Friday, March 23, 2012

Lots of Kayakers

Now,, what did i think i had something to say about?,,,Think i put all my thots in comments on other blogs,,,lol.

OOO yeah!!  While at the park yesterday, 4 kayakers went by, so i went to the other end of the park, at the dam, to see what they were gonna do.  lol,,,They looked and looked at the dam, then went to the far side, got out, looked and looked some more, finally took the kayaks out.  Then there must have been a lot of discussion, cause they stayed there quite a while.  On that huge rock.  One finally walked out on the dam, and jumped off!!! I'm going OMG,,NOOOO.  There's so many big rocks there, i don't know how he missed them.  The other 3,,,thot,,hmmm,, not gonna do that, so,,,they finally lowered the kayaks slowly down the rock to the other one, and 1 kinda slid down.  But one wouldn't,,he went around, way up the bank to a fence and climbed thru. And one jumped off the dam,,,this is taking a long time....I'm wondering if one or more are hurt, when i finally see one show up in his kayak, in the pool below the dam.  He waits by the bank, and finally, another one shows up.  BUT,,,There's still 2 there on the rock, doing something.  So far away i can't tell.  I think, going to wait a while longer before i have to leave, and just before, i finally see 1 more show up,,,and a bit later, the last one.  Then, they sit there in their kayaks,,so i still can't tell if any are hurt or not.  That's where i left them.  Maybe they didn't know there was another dam on down,,in town.  It was too late for me to go and watch for them.  Besides,,,where were they gonna get out?  Daylite was about gone.  They had already been down the river for 12 miles, heard them tell a fisherman that.  lol,,Maybe they were gonna camp.  Hate to leave it at this, but that's where i am now, too.  Gonna put binoculars in the car,,,lol.  Be a peeper.  hahahahaha.

Hey, it's Friday,,not that it matters now,,but,,,yall tc, and


When i was in the HEB last time there was one of those little set up places giving out bites of sausage,,you know how they work.  It was Elgin, and it was so good.  Wellll,,,today there is a recall for a lot of it, and HEBs were one of the places selling it.  lolol,,,I didn't buy any that day, but planned on it in the future.  That bite didn't make me sick either.  And i will get some at a later time...