Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Donate Button???

WTH,, Just told tffn TY, because he refused to put one on his blog.  And to me,,it's begging,,,  Had to quit a blogger because it turned to that.   There's a LOT of difference in donating to someone that doesn't ask for it,,to one that's got that ,,cup,,held out.    Am i the only one that feels that way?  I'd give my last dollar to someone if they needed it more than me, BUT, not when they are saying,,GIMME.  Guess this might put me in the dog house again,,but,,that's how i feel.

BB, the reason i'm so exhausted is lack of sleep.  I did sleep pretty good last nite, but since the time change, it's thrown it off.  I have to keep my pattern, like,,,same bed time, etc, and now it's off an hour.  For some reason i'm really having a bad time adjusting this year.  I'm waiting til after,,gosh,,Tuesday, when i get this lap band deflated, to go for my quarterly check up that includes all the blood work.  It's always been fine, and i do them faithfully.  I believe in preventing,,not treating stuff.  Well, treating when it has to be done, but you know what i mean.

DD, it was so strange today, leaving comments.  It kept telling me Error,,then i would put another one in, and then they all showed up.  So that was me, trying to correct all of that.  Never had that happen.  lol,,It would, saying it wouldn't...

Don't have any plans for today,,which is normal now.   Guess i'll see what shows up.,,,lol.  So yall tc, and