Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love New Blogs

I want to thank you, Daughter of TX, i love that new blog, Bunkerindex.  Their place isn't very far North of me, maybe 90 miles or so. 

I'm killing time now, waiting on prescription delivery, before i can take a shower.  It's kinda late, they start at 10am,,  They do 3 a day, and i take the morning one.  Started doing it way back, before they moved.  The old place had NOOOO parking spaces, well, a couple that were always taken.  Then, this new place has never figured out how to work the window traffic, so,,, just deliver!  I did get a new calendar,,lol, 2, as a matter of fact.  They finally brought one, AFTER i had stopped and picked one up.  They have Norman Rockwell pics.  Anybody want this extra?  lololol.

All the years i worked, i was always paid weekly.  And all those years, i used a pocket? one to keep up with paying my bills.  Each payday was marked what i paid out of it.  I carried it in my purse with my check book.  Never had a problem with bills that way.  Way back, i bought a portable radio from a business here.  This was in the early 60s, so it wasn't cheap.  I paid it off in 3 months, but,,,,they said NO i didn't.  I paid for it ,,,,AGAIN,   but i learned a valuable lesson... Always, always, keep receipts!  AND, in a place where you could find them.  I never had another problem.

Heck, i might run over to Marble Falls today, check out Walmart.  That's the one that has never figured out how to stay stocked, always out of common things  you need.  But, i go to that one because there's other things i usually need to do over there too.  The one in Fredericksburg isn't one of the super ones, so doesn't have all the grocery stuff, like a meat market, produce, etc.  They have a huge HEB, but i hate to go in that one, it's just TOO big. 

Seeing on weather, cedar is growing, lololol,,good thing i don't have cedar fever.

Ok, off to the races,,,or whatever,,,yall