Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Almost Rain

Almost,,,,got rain yesterday,,a few big drops did hit the ground.  Smelled wonderful!,,Another chance today.  It was 103 when the clouds moved in, got a great cool down.

I'm not getting out much, with the heat.  I was out when the clouds came tho.  I stopped by the Hut and got a tuna sw,,just wanted something cold.  It was good too.  I told her she better be prepared, i was telling everybody about that burger,,,lololol.. Son said he couldn't eat it all either.  Here i am with my stroganoff, and eating out.  Guess what i'm having for lunch?,,,lol.  That's why i hate to cook,, having leftovers i get too tired of.

Got some yearly paperwork yesterday,,,that i just stopped and did later.  Got it all done in about an hour,,thru for another year.  Wasn't anything on tv, so,,, And later, i put a movie in,,and had seen it,, fast forwarded thru it,,and guess what?,,seen that one too.  Watched it anyway.  Told you, i can't remember names.  Darn Lifetime,,and Hallmark,,get some new ones!!

My ustream petespond,,place has been out for a few days.  I really miss it,,love watching all those African animals coming to that pond.  I know it will finally be fixed,  surely...Saw that on their facebook.

No more than i have to write on these blogs,, i might just start saying,,hi, bye... But anyway, yall tc, and