Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Get Something Straight

Don't ya love it,,vile comments from,,"anonymous"?    Anonymous,,YOU DON'T KNOW NUTTIN!!!  So keep your dam mouth shut.  IF,,i want YOUR opinion, i will ask for it!

Now,,i will tell the rest of you, i have one g/child, and she was born to my dotter as a single parent.  GOT THAT, Anonymous???  My son loved that girl so much, he said he'd always take care of her, and he has, even now.  That meant helping my dotter, doing things for her like a father would have.  We all loved that girl, still do, that it never mattered not having a live in father.  My mom said one time,,about her, that,,she just kinda belongs to all of us.  She was never made to feel inferior, and grew up so well adjusted, she won a full scholarship to Trinity, in San Antonio, one of only 25 the school gives.  She was 6th in her graduating class, with a 96!  It's so hard to get into that school, and then to get a full scholarship?  In music.  She is very beautiful, tall and slim.  And yes, she does know who her father, and his family are, but has no desire to contact them.  Never missed them.  She also, never drank or did drugs.  She married a man that we all love too.  So,,,ANONYMOUS,,YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!  In our opinion, they are the ones that missed out.  Times when a child is lots better off without a deadbeat dad, doing drugs.

That kinda made me mad,,,huh?  lololol.

Way too hot to get out now.  I think it hit 99,,maybe that,,OMG 100 yesteray.

I've been changing a lot of my bill paying over to drafts.  Years ago, i used online banking, but quit when they started charging for it.  I don't have but a few bills to pay anyway,, so the ones like Atmos, Verizon, Hochheim Ins. i can do with drafts.

They aren't gonna do anything about the postal service now.  I wouldn't mind 5 day a week mail.  Today's paper said letting it stay like it is for now.

Yall tc, and