Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog Days Here

The dog days are here.  And will be thru August, i'm sure.  100+.  My yard got mowed this morning,,bet it will last a while now.  No rain.    Our river has slowed down enough to get us back on restricted water use.  But who knows, it could be a hurricane that comes thru here.  Happens sometimes.

J just told me his back is giving him major problems, and i told him to call and see if his doc would see him as an emergency.  He's done it before.  I have this paperwork ready to go, so i told him i'd get it faxed, and a copy mailed.  He's going to bed with ice.  When this happens, his left leg, sometimes the whole side, starts trying to shut down.  So now i'm waiting to hear back from him.

He just called, his doc is gonna schedule an MRI and call him back.  

Just not in the mood to write now.  Will try to get back later and let you know about all this.

Yall tc, and