Friday, September 2, 2011

Missing ALL That Rain!!!

Eating oatmeal here at 11;30 am.  Never was a breakfast eater.   Back in high school, i slept til 10 mins before i had to leave, jumped up, got ready that quick, and was gone.  Didn't see any sense wasting sleep time.  Now i never set an alarm, well almost never.  Best part of being old. hahahaha.  Should i say, retired?

Told BB he needed a wagon, for all those fish he doesn't catch.  But,,reason i did that, is i have used a big red wagon  always,,since my kids had one way back.  Had to buy a new one a few years ago.  Great to haul stuff around the yard, haul groceries to back door, just about anything.  Course, Sadie Mae would have to ride in it.  Or, maybe she could pull BB. hahahaha.  One time i tied one to our german sheppard, and put my young son in it.  She loved it, but the further she went the faster she got.  By the time she went around the corner, she was running, and that wagon turned right over throwing my son out.  He got up, wanted right back in it. lololol  I led her after that.  Everybody needs a wagon.

I just can't believe all that rain turned to the North!!!  Had such high hopes.  All of Texas getting a drenching.  Pipe dreams.  But did i see a front coming this way?,,,Cooler by Monday?  Probably what ran off the rain.

N told me she would take me to pick the doors up tomorrow.  Nearly changed my mind, thinking i couldn't cover up the top half of glass, in a steel door.  Never had steel doors til i got the back one, and it doesn't have any windows.  All i want to do is put curtains over them, on a rod at the top.  Anybody done this?  Quick,,tell me before tomorrow.  lol.  Need ur help and input here. My bro B would use roofing screws,,hahahaha.

It IS gonna cool down Monday, just saw the weather.  OOO Boy.  My utility bill was up about 40.00, which i expected.  It covers 3 extra days too.  Mid July 14-Mid Aug 16.  not bad.  That's everything, water, electric, sewer, trash. 

Wish i had something to write about.  Wish i had lots of money.  Wish i was younger.  Wish i was thin again.  Let's see, what else.  hahahahaha,,,That's all BS,,except the first one.  Glad i have what i have, i count my blessings every day.  Home Health Care taught me that.  Worked with one, in his 30s, had dived off a cliff, hit his head, became paralyed from the neck down.  Had 2 young kids, a wife he hadn't been married to very long.  Other young ones had bad health problems.  Even the older ones were sad too.  But it made ME feel good to help THEM.  Think i might have told you also, about Big Boy. lol,,Weighed 600 pounds, had to give him a bed bath every day, when i was sent there.  He had a specialy made bed, with bars above, could turn himself.  His legs had broken open from the weight, and the company i worked for was looking for a nursing home for him.  A nurse was by every day to change the dressings.  He was 42.  By the time they found one, he had gained up to 700.  BUT, on the other side of the coin, WE were paying his disability and health bills, because he was fat. 

Any of yall like to play games? Online.  With real ppl.  I play mostly at  Just thot i'd throw that in.  I do ludo and painted yahtz.  Have to be good, got kicked off one time. hahahaha.  Not saying what i said, but they are strick.  So when i leave here, i usually play for a while.  Loved games all my life.  Also play rummikub on another.  Got a BIG book to read right now, tho.  About 160 pages in.  Out of 760.