Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not So Bad?

This is what my SIL wears,, and she told me yesterday that she still does,,,every nite.  They both get a better nite’s sleep,,,, lol.
I’m not sure if I have it or not,, after seeing the questions on the form I got to fill out.  But,, since I have the appointment I might as well check it out.  I checked my O2 this morning and it was 90,, not too good.  Not the first time either.
I have a doctor’s apt. Wed, so I guess I’ll keep it.  My back is killing me when I get up, like it was before with the kidney infection. 
Ok,, enough of that.
Wish I’d gotten up and got myself out to some garage sales.  NOT that I want any junk, but,,, love to look.  Bro goes a lot, and told me he saw microwaves all the time, and would pick me up one. I have that small one, but want one with more wattage.
I’m having a problem with my car not wanting to start.  It drags, then starts up like nothing wrong.  I think it needs a starter, (put a new battery on in Oct.) and of course when you have it checked it checks good.  It’s doing it more, soooo,,, maybe next time I try, it’s not gonna start…HATE this.  At least it’s easy to put on.
B just put one on his dotter’s taurus a couple of weeks ago.  Gotta tell you about that!  I stopped by and they were working on it,,, had been for a long time, trying to get ONE bolt out…Like, 1-2 hours, trying different tools, etc.  Well, my son came by, looked at it,, and told em,, that’s the wrong bolt!!!  hahahahaha,,,,I will say this for bro B,,,it was CLOSE to the starter one….lmaoo  And on the bottom…After knowing which one, was no problem…hahahaha,,, still laughing.

Had an appointment to take Jude for his shots,, for 4:30 yesterday,,, and he always shows up about 3-3:30 for a snack…I’ve had the carrier sitting in here for days,,,then he pulls that… lol.  So now,, it will have to be next week.. I think the rabies one has been almost 2 years,, and they do last that long, but with it around, they like to do them every year.  I hate to make an appointment because he’s not an indoor cat, so I won’t be sure he will be around… O well, whatever, will be or not.  Do it someday.  He brings things in,, eating by my back door, and that last thing,, we couldn’t figure out what it was, with just some of the back end and a long tail, one foot.  He was eating on it.  Got enough and left it… My bro came by, looked, and was gonna kick it away, but I told him to leave it cause something always came by during the nite and ate things,, cleaned up.  It was about as big as a large rat, but NOT a rat.  Came from the pastures around me.

We were out at my nephew’s  last Saturday,, standing around his truck, and I told them about seeing on TV Country Reporter,, the 2 women that went out in the  pastures and gathered up cow patties,,,kicking them first to be sure they were dry enough,,put in their trash bags,,took em and laid em out to dry more… broke em up, bagged em, and now have a business of selling it as mosquito repellent. WELL, you guessed it,,they had to try it,, was some in the back of his truck,,didn’t ask why,, After burning it giving off the odor,,lots of smoke,  I finally convinced them to try some “clean” ones,,,lol,,, the first ones had dirt in them,,,Hey,, they just might work,, we sure had a good time trying them….hahahahaha.  Since Easter is always out there,, guess what’s gonna be repelling the mosquitoes… lolol.
Well, I’ve had a few laughs myself, just writing this today so yall tc, and